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Diggersaurs Explore

by eileenw


Cover of Diggersaurs Explore a picture book.A picture book mash-up of dinosaurs and construction trucks—what’s not to love? Diggersaurs Explore by Michael Whaite is a high energy read thanks to the driving meter and rhyme, making it fun to read aloud.

The main narrative follows the Diggersaurs along their exuberant excavation treasure hunt. Each of the task-named Diggersaurs (Grabbersaurus, Dozersaurus, Wreckersaurus, Dumpersaurus, to name a few) have a part to play in getting everyone to the end.

But along the edges of each illustration, you’ll find two human treasure hunters, and kids will quickly pick up on the fact that there’s a small bit of treasure for them to find on each page.

And if you want more of these dino-trucks, there’s the earlier picture book Diggersaurs also by Michael Whaite.

Full page interior art from Diggersaurs Explore.


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