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Badge Drop #1: HERE WE GO!

Mon, 01/04/2021 - 12:00pm by ohheyitselle

The Winter Game is officially HERE! Today, we have a SNOWY documentary with a SNOWY picture book to match, a podcast you may find ALARMING, a look at some LEGOS, AND a SPOOKY(ish) visit to Malletts Creek! 


Badge Drop #1

Best in SnowAlarmingly FunnyWinter, WinterWhat's the Deal?Night at the Library: Malletts Creek



Thank you, Badge Maker, for making the Winter Game! I appreciate you and am looking forward to the game!

Thank you very much for the Winter Game! I suddenly feel like something fun, positive and interesting is happening! This will make the next months so much fun and interesting, and colorful (the Legos, the videos-the melt one is amazing-, the book covers, etc!), and the wonderful AADL staff humor is so appreciated! Thank you very much for all of your efforts! I'm so excited about the AADL Winter Game!

It's hard to be mad at Pandemic Year 2020-2021 when it's given us three seasons of library games!

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