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Win at All Costs: Inside Nike Running and Its Culture of Deception

Wed, 05/12/2021 - 2:38pm by marianaroo

win at all costs: inside nike running and its culture of deception If names like Eliud Kipchoge, Kara Goucher, Paula Radcliffe and Ryan Hall are familiar to you, this might be the book for you. As a former long distance runner myself, I’ve followed famous marathoners for years. But if this is not your thing and you enjoy a great detective story this might also be the book for you. Win at All Costs presents a look behind the scenes at the Nike Oregon Project and its head coach, Alberto Salazar, who is accused of trafficking and administering banned performance-enhancing substances to his athletes. Here you have one of the most powerful companies in the world of sports, a famous coach, olympians in search of excellence, FBI, whistleblowers, medical team, all of these characters have a role to play in this thrilling and well researched book by sports journalist Matt Hart. An unexpected excellent read.

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