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Faction Opposes Restricted Role

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Resolutivas cállmg'for an uncommitted delegation to the Democratie National Convention and greater efforts toward racial justice in the wake oi the death of Martin Luther King Jr. were adopted over the weekend by the area chapter of the Michigan Conference of Concerned Democrats. The resolution on the national convention says, in part: "The Michigan Conference of Concerned Democrats therefore continúes to urge an uncommitted delegation from Michigan to the Democratie National Convention and will seek a favorite son candidate such as John Conyers Jr., Coleman Young, Zolton Ferency or Jane Hart to consolidate the Michigan delegation against the policies of Lyndon B. Johnson." The o t h e r resolution urges local, state and federal action ;o eliminate r a c i a I injustice. The resolution calis the death of 'King "a tragedy for AmerJ ica and for the whole world."