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The Disposition Of 12 Cases

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ín 12 child custody sólts that resulted ín referee I I hearings from the Friend of the Court's office, four were I I awarded to the father, six to the mother, one with the I I children divided, and one given to a relative. I The cases, chosen at random by Richard Benedek, I I illustrate the main factor that influenced the referee's I I decisión. 1 - A teen child living with her father was placed in his I I custody when the child expressed a desire to remain with I I the father. j 2-The mother voluntarily left the home. At the time I I of the divorce, she wanted the children back. During the I I interim, things had gone very well between the father and I ■ children. Custody was awarded to the father. I 3-The mother was having difficulty with her four 1 Ichildren. The two oldest were causing her the most j Itrouble. The father got along with the oldest children but j Iwas not very interested in the younger two. With the 1 Ifeeling that the mother could contribute more to the : lupbringing of the two younger children without the : I conflict of the older two, the children were divided. I 4- The mother was living" with a man she had no : I intention of marrying. Custody was awarded to the father. 1 5- Children were awarded to a relative when the 1 I mother did not give them adequate care according to all 1 I the factors. j 6-Children were awarded to the mother when j I removing them would uproot the children from a stable, : I satisfactory environment. : I 7- Same as above. 8-Children were with the father sir.ce the time of 1 I separation. Mother had left to live with another man. At I I the time of the divorce she wanted the children back. I I Children were awarded to the father. 9-Same as 6 and 7. ■ 10-The mother showed a strong love and affection I ■toward the children. Father had always showed little I ■interest. Custody was awarded to the mother. ] 11 -Same as above. 3 12-Mother showed a main capacity and disposition, as ■veil as moral fitness, to care for the children. Custody was In her favor. J