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(Questions and comments to thies, column should be addressed to ECO-Action, Ann Arbor News, Ann Arbor 48106.) The new full-time director for the ENACT Ecology Center, at 417 Detroit St, has arrived and is getting acquainted with the operations of the center and the área. His i name is William Kopper, and he is a recent gradúate of the Univ.ersity of Chicago with honors in biology. Bom in Chicago, he grew up in Topeka, Kansas, and I attended schools there before starting his university courses. In addition to his biological training, he has had business experience and comes with high references from his former employers, the Steel Fixture Manufacturing Co. Presently staying temporarily with one of the directors of ENACT, he is eager to find an efficiency apartment to settle into. it anyone 01 om readers knows of an avaüable apartment, please cali the center at 761-3186 and leave word. The main activity of the center at the present time is preparation for the "glass re-cycling days." June 16-17, at Arborland Shopping Center. Owens-IUinois Glass Co. is sponsoring the two-day pickup. and residents will be paid a penny a pound for all glass taken to the collection point between the hours ot 10 a.m. and 9 p.m. Owens-Illinois is also proceeding with negotiations to open a permanent glass-collection site close to the ENACT Ecology Center. This site would be open daily. The center is pre.sently negotiating with Reynolds Aluminum Co to see if aluminum cans might also be included in the operations of this collection depot, and looking into the problems and possibilities of other re-cyclable matenals. Back to the glass re-cycling days. The ecology center is in the process of establishing at least one temporary storage place to which people who have large collections of glass to dónate to the center may leave it. They need additional storage space, containers, and trucks to transport the glass. If you can help in any of these ways, cali the center. Remember that glass bottles must have the tops removed, be rinsed of solid material, and be sorted into clear (colorless), green, and amber (brown) piles. Circle the dates of June 16-17 on your calendar, and start saving your glass. The success of the two-day collection will determine the final decisión as to whether a permanent site can be established in Ann Arbor. o o We continue to have questions about waste paper. The only market for paper in this area ís Lansky's. They require it to be bundled, and can purchase only newspapers, not magazines. Occasionally, when their warehouses are full, and their market temporarily closed, they are not able to purchase the paper. Better to cali before you deliver. The Salvation Army will piek up donations of both bundled newspapers and magazines. Boy Scout Troop 21 (Willard Oberdick, phone 761-4807) will also piek up donations of bundled newspapers. Some neighborhood groups are beginning to make regular collections also. If you know of such, write ECOAction and give name, phone number, anu area of collection, and we will publish it here. We would also like to know of special paper drives, and if notified in sufficient time beforehand, we will publish this information. Congratulations te the kids of Haisley School, who have been saving papers ever since Earth Day, and just last week took two truckloads of bundled newspapers to Lansky's. o o A Solid Waste Seminar will be held on Tuesday evening, June 16, at 8 p.m. at the ENACT Ecology Center. At the ■? 7 U ing, there will be discussion cf all phases of solid waste disposal and re-cycling possibilities, and committee will be formed to investígate methods of improving local landfill operations and implementing re-cycling methods to its operation. The public is urged to attend the meeting and offer suggestions and ideas to the committees.