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Editor, The News: A News article on Oct. 9 presented a pictorial view of a Mrs. Bette Treadwell, Forsythe Junior High School administrator, standing in front of a picture of Angela Davis. If this picture is on her office wall, I must complain loudly to the community and to the Ann Arbor School Board. At a time when the Ann Arbor School System seeks and needs racial harmony we apparently find on the wall of an assistant principal the picture of one who espouses questionable patriotic views and is accused of a role in a murder conspiracy. Generally people display pictures of individuals that they admire and revere. Surely Mrs. Treadwell must have better heroes and heroines to "Lionize." gela Davis hardly expresses the type of credo that our young black and white students will find palatable and consistent with an integrated life and education. At a time when such labels as Birchism, radicalism, etc. are being mis-used and over-emphasized, the people of Ann Arbor will hopefully take an objective look at such "academic poor taste" and demand its stop. It is this observer's hope that the school board will investigate as to the reason for the Angela Davis picture and to determine its significance whether political, spiritual or aesthetic. Surely this picture does not connote the educational harmony that will bring oue schools and community together as a true and peaceful multi-racial society.