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Communications Policy Adopted By School Body

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A new policy on communications, which stresses the need for "two - way dialogue between the school board and the public and which acknowledges that the public schools' "belong to all the people who créate them by consent and support them by taxation," was unanimously approved last night by the Ann Arbor Board of Education. The policy was drawn up by Dr. John W. Hubley, assistanti ;o the superintendent for community services. The policy says that "the schools are as strong as the informed and intelligent sup- port of the staffs, students and citizens of the district." It alsol declares that the support of the community "must be based upon their knowledge of, theirj understanding about, and their participation in the aimsand efforts of the public schools.' Three main promises are made in the one-page commumcations policy. (1) to keep the staff, students and citizens ot the district "thoroughly and accurately informed" through all possible channels of com- munication on all polices and programs of the school district; (2) to invite the "advice, opinions and criticism" of all peopie in the district, and (3) to "solicit the sound and studied counsels" of staff, students and citizens through a system of advisory groups. The policy also pledges to review and assess annually Communications programs in the district