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School Shop Damaged By Flames

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A fire of unknown origin swept through a woodshop at Tappan Junior High School last night, causing "several thousand dollars in damages," before A n n Arbor f i r e m e n brought it under control. And at Haisley Elementary School, residents in the area this morning were alarmed by "huge amounts" of smoke pouring out of the school chimney. Firemen sped to the scène and discovered a faulty boiler was generating the smoke. The boiler was shut down. The Tappan fire was discovered at 8 p.m. by a custodian in the first-floor woodshop. The fire badly damaged the ceiling and the east wall of the woodshop and also an adjoining teacher's office. It also generated smoke throughout the building. John Hubley, Communications officer for the Arm Arbor Public Schools, said the fire caused "several thousand dollars in damages" and that it would probably be from one to three weeks before the woodshop would be ready for classes I again. Firemen said they have not been" able to determine the cause of the fire, which is under investigation.