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One Day In The Life Of The Earthworks

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Sources within the Earthworks swear it happened. Schreiber gets a cali from Steve Daniels, father of the school and now assistant dean of Community High. Daniels confides that big Washington honchos of education are coming to visit alternative education in Ann Arbor. Schreiber murmers. Daniels worries. How can you spiff up usually disreputable looking schools for visiting dignitaries without turning hyprcritical in front' of the I kids? Among other items, one standard American flag arrivés at the Earthworks whicn has hithertö ilown other things on its flag pole. Dignitaries arrive. Two hundred dollar suits. Hip hair cuts. A study of relevance. That's where it'sat. They shake hands with the thumb up. Pictures of relevance. Schreiber winces. "Well, let's tour the school! ' ! All turn to witness a large dog running from a classroom wrapped in the American flag, persued by a horde of students. Characteristically, Daniels rolls his eyes and tries to look bored. Schreiber winces. The dignitaries look relevant.