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School Bond Figures Outlined

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' Tentativft cost estimates for three parts of a five-part bonding issue expected to face Ann Arbor School District voters June 8 were presented last night to the Ann Arbor Board of Education. The figures include $8,583,000 for elementary school renovations, building and sites, $896,000 for a library addition, and $829,000 for a service (building and grounds) facility. The $8,583,000 figure for elementary buildings and sites is tentative, since it does not include all expected costs for the rebuilding of Mack Elementary School. The additional site and equipment costs for Mack, plus architects' fees, is expectedtocostanadditional $200,000. All elementary school additions and renovations are estimated to cost $30 a square foot, a 15 per cent increase over estimates for the same work in 1968. The 20,000-square-foot library addition is budgeted at $39 per square foot, while the 45,000square foot service facility is budgeted at $14.50 per square foot. Both of these figures also are 15 per cent above the estimates for the same work back in 1968, when both issues were on the ballot. The cost estimates for the individual elementary school projects are as follows: Allen School: two new classrooms - $83,000. Carpenter School: four new classrooms, a multi-purpose room, remodeling art and music rooms - $434,000. Clinton School: 12 new classrooms - $496,000. Dicken School: two new class-l rooms- $83,000. Dixboro School: eight newl classrooms, multi - purposel room, administrative offices,! art and music rooms, library - I $621,000. Lakewood School: two newl classrooms, art and musici room - $180,000. Mitehell School: four newl classrooms and a library, re-I modeling of art and music rooml - $329,000. Newport School: eight newl classrooms, two new centrums I - $428,000. Pattengill School: three newl classrooms, two meeting rooms 1 - $133,000. Pittsfield School: four newl classrooms, two meeting rooms I - $173,000. Stone School: new art, music, I locker-showers and boiler! rooms ,plus a library - I $353,000. Mack School: new building - h $1,933,000. Two elementary school sites: at Ellsworth Rd. for a 20-classroom building - $1,742,000 and at Dhu-Varren Rd. for a 10classroom building- $1,345,000. Miscellaneous renovations system wide- $250,000. ' School Supt. W. Scott II man Jr. said he will reveal cost sstimates next week for the I second and third parts of the I bonding issue. This will include I unior-high renovations plus I ■he building of a sixth junior I ligh, and the building of a third I ligh school. The public will be allo wed to II peak next Wednesday on the I aroposed bonding issue. The! joard is expected to put the I jonding issue on the ballot! pril '29. I


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