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1- I have been and continue to be supportive of innovative and new efforts to meet the educational needs of our students. I further feel that such programs should be continually monitored with the purpose of transferring as much of the innovative content as possible back to the normative school setting. These programs cannot and must not be perceived or u t i 1 i z e d as dumping grounds, but rather as breeding grounds for ideas, programs, and methods beneficial to the entire district. With such an arrangement, both innovation occurs and change is fostered. 2 - Ours is a unique arrangement and deserves more support rather than a reduction in funds which in turn reduces services to the community. I would recommend, therefore, increased support, both from the school district and the city. I would like to see the Main Library serve as the central reference p o i n t for school libraries while expanding its facilities on a satélite basis to various sectors of the city. Another means of increasing effectiveness would be to maximize the utilization of Public Library materials by the Instructional Media Centers at our schools. This conceivably would reduce duplication of resources, staff, and material. Finally, in order to improve, the Library must have the community it serves evalúate the services rendered. Onlyl then can it, in f act, respond to I the community's diverse! needs.