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1 - The question itself reflects the "elitism" that pervades the thinking of the community. If we are to consider this question then we should surely consider the Community Skills Center and the Stepping Stone Project. The programs r e f 1 e c t community initiated efforts to meet the educational n e e d s of the g r o u p s of students whose needs are continually neglected by the schools in Ann Arbor. 1 have tremendous respect for Pioneer II because it was a student-initiated program, even though catering primarily to middle class whites. The Community High School and middle schools are not the result of comprehensive research indicating a tremendous need. They do not reflect the ranking of priorities by the Board and community. 'They simply represent another unilateral administrative decisión made at the expense of other programs. 2 - 1 believe that the Library is a prime community resource and should be supported to the extent that it can provide and expand its services to the total community. The new Community High School will place an added burden on its strained situation. Therefore, reconsideration should be given to what percentage of the schools' operations should be allocated to the Public Library in view of this added rsponsibility. The Board must become more involved and active in the budget preparation. I believe that each división head should be allowed to come before the Board and personally defend his budget request. This would provide the Board a direct and comprehensive view of the system's total financial needs. Students, teachers, parents, and other interest groups can also present budget requests. - -