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1 - The Human Rights Party supports innovative programs to meet the different needs of students. However, it is very important that these programs bedesigned and structured to insure racial and class diversity. Pioneer II did not p r o v i d e multi-ethnic studies or many black teachers. Thus its program was biased toward white students from the higher socio-economic class. Community High School must not become the school for those considered as deviant in the school system. Middle Schools attempt to respond to overcrowding in the schools. It is not clear that education is improved by changing the grade levéis attending together. Only if these schools provide a different learning environment will the Middle School concept have any real meaning. All of these programs must be evaluated to determine iL in f act tkey meet the goals for which they were initiated. Otherwise we fall-into the trap of proliferating alternatives in order to appear innovative. 2 - While the library is supported by school taxes, it also receives funds from court fines. The move to change this latter source of revenue must be fought by School Boards, communities and libraries. HRP desires an eventual end to compulsory education while guaranteeing people's right to an education. Thus libraries will increase their role in education and as a learning resource. Some activities like varsity sports are highly supported j but do not serve the total community. Libraries utilizing the Library Bill of Rights do serve everyone equally. It is this criterion which should be utilized in budget determinations.