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; Editor, The í&ws: 7 Re: The upcoming millage vote for a I Washtenaw County Career Center as disI cussed on page 15 of the Ann Arbor News I on Jan. 16. I am fully in sympathy with I the need for opportunities for meaningful I vocational training for high school stüI dents, but I find it necessary to vote no I in Tuesday's election. I too remember I the rhetoric about the role of the Community College in vocational training for high school students back in 1965, and believe that a golden opportunity still ex ists there. One can appreciate the need for the state law which prohibits compensating two different educational jurisdictions for the student who might be enrolled in both at the same time, as described by Dr. Ponitz. It seems to me I that an additional V2 mili voted to WCC I would so the same job as one mili through WISD in light of the savings in I buildings, equipment, Utilities, etc, as I well as a possible smaller savings in There might be distinct educationall advantages to combining vocationall classes of high school and post highl school students, because of the interac-l tion of different age groups. It might be I possible to afford more specializedl equipment, and more specialized orl highly trained instructors with such al system. In addition to the smaller I county-wide millage, other costs could be prorated among the various school districts by having the school districts themselves transfer funds to WCC on a high school student credit-hour-elected basis from the savings that would accrue to them. I am 'not one to propose additional studies of plans for the sake of having studies, but the feasibility of involving WCC in secondary vocational education should be looked at thoroughly before another proposal is brought to the voters by WISD.