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Will Vote 'no' On Monday

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Editor, The Njíws: Somebody has got to be kidding about the upcoming millage election to be held June 10. No matter how you extol it, there is the matter of an extra three milis to be added to our tax bill - and that means an extra three dollars per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. Not much notice has been taken of an almost certain increase in taxes because of the disagreement with the state about the county-wide question of our lack of I proper 50 per cent valuation - and this will be automatic - without our permission. Another area of concern is the recent bill in the hopper in Lansing to extend free retirement benefits to teachers from now on (also to go back and recompense the old timers for money they have I paid into retirement funds in the past) Ithe cost to be born by local school disI tricts, if you please, and that means you land I. On top of all this the county can at lany time tax us for bonding without our Ipermission, unless a lengthy process is I undertaken to make a ballot issue of any I proposal - such as the new jail push. The League of Women Voters approves I the millage saying that certain elements I in the city won't feel it, that senior citiIzens will be paying only 40 per cent of I the increase. Big deal. And that part of the school MCKage wjn include a 7-plus per cent increase for teachers. The proposed free retirement benefit would hopefully keep the teacher unions from asking for raises each year, but doesn't guarantee it. What do you want to bét is I won't. After all this is the Union State. There comes a moment of truth in all men's affairs. Let this year be the one I when we say we must hold the line and I cut and cut if necessary to bring us back I to a standard of sanity which will help I stabilize our economy. i Yours for a no vote on June tenth.