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Baldwin Wins, Detroit Loses On School Loan

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LANSING- The State Board of Education helps those who help themselves. Anyway, the board has decided to recommend an emergency loan for the little Baldwin School District (1,040 pu■pils) but to delay similar help for the giant Detroit schools (289,000 pupils). Both districts are facing severe deficit situations, but board members - most of whom are from Detroit or itsj suburbs - said Wednesdayj they feit Baldwin had done itsl fullest to bear school taxes, but that there's still somel doubt about local support inl Detroit. There is a big difference, of course, in the size of the financial problem of the two, districts. Baldwin is seeking a $197,829 loan, while Detroit would need an estimated $80 'million just to cover the expected deficit this school year. Before Detroit gets any special help, the State Board plans to conduct a joint study I w i t h the legislature a n d I governor's office of all thel school districts facing 1 cial crises. ! ' Dr. John W. Porter, superintendent of public instruction, noted that even if the education reform proposal is adopted, many districts still will face deficit situations this school year. For example, the millage request before Detroit voters would raise only some $28 million of the $80 million needed to cover the anticipated deficit. Among the alternatives being studied to help Detroit and possibly other financially ill school systems are a long-term state loan, a direct state aid appropriation, or borrowing against next year's anticipated revenue.