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Pierce Rates Slight Edge In Dem Race For Congress

Pierce Rates Slight Edge  In Dem Race For Congress image
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ONE Si the áflection ontests generating the most public interest in the Aug. 6 primary is the race for the Second Congressional district seat. The incumbent is Rep. Marvin Esch, Republican of Ann Arbor. Esch is not opposed in his party's primary. Phillip Carroll is running on the Human Rights Party ticket; Roy Jones is the American Independent Party candidate. But it's the Democratie party which is providing the fireworks. Five persons are fighting for the right to take on Esch in November. They are: Ronald Egnor, Ypsilanti attorney; Marjorie Lansing, political science professor; Theo Williams, retired engineer; John Reuther, formerly of Ford Motor Co.; and Dr. Ed Pierce, Ann Arbor physician. EGNOR is young, ambitious and has an eye for publicity. He successfully represented Carolyn King of Ypsilanti in the famous baseball discrimination case. He has run a strong campaign and is an asset to his party's ticket. Another well qualified candidate is Marjorie Lansing of Ann Arbor. She has been active in ÚT f cm Democratie circles, having also run unsuccessfully for U-M regent. She has campaigned strongly but nort exclusively on issues pertinent to women. It is worth remembering that she seeks election to a body which still has comparatively few women serving. Dr. Ed Pierce is the founder of Ann Arbor's Summit Medical Center, a former city councilman and unsuccessful candidate for mayor. He is a humanitarian, an idealist and a person of integrity, all qualities which stand out against the squalid goings-on in Washington. These three are, in our opinión, well qualified. Either could give incumbent Esch a run for his money. Democratie voters might wonder why their party packed so many strong candidates into this one race, while leaving themselves thin elsewhere. But when it comes to hard choices, we'd vote fgr Ed Pierce. We welcome his candidacy this year, as we have respected his views in other campaigns. He spoke out early against the Vietnam war, a good indication of a man who is willing to help form public opinión instead of merely being part of it.