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Norma F. Kraker, 'A Hard Row To Hoe'

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Norma F. Kraker, the Republican candidate for the District 13 County Commission seat in the November election, has issued the following campaign statement: "As a Republican running for the County Commission from the 13th District, Tve got a rather hard row to how running against an incumbent Democrat. In addition, all the boundary lines have been changed in recent years since redistricting so that it has been hard to identify with a particular district. "Mine, the 13th, sort of gerrymanders around the Northeast area of Ann Arbor over the Old Whitmore Lake Road, down to the Huron River and then east on Glacier Way to US-23. Redistricting changed the Board of Commissioners and produced a group of Ann Arbor Democrats who have certainly eroded the voters' condifence in government with their I power grabs . . . to say nothing of their lloud denunciations of those Democrats who seem not to be included in the Ann I Arbor caucus. "An Ypsilanti Democrat was recently qed ársaying that 'The people of Ann Arbor feel as if they are ordained to rule the world' when he was speaking of his fellow-Democrats. These Democrats have been termed 'demeaning and sarcastic' by an elected county official. These Democrats have said that elected officials 'tend to be political hacks.' They are very frustrated and angry that they can't control those officials who were elected by you to perform jobs not given to the Commissioners. They can't 'rule the world' as long as the voters have a hand' in elections, so they cali those who oppose them ñames which spring quickly to the tongues of people who certainly don't exercise civility in their dealings with others and who have taken a very hackneyed approach to politics: Grab power, grab the purse strings, trample and demean those who raise objections. "One Ann Arbor Democrat recently stated that 'We spend too much time dealing with minor administrative functions that we have no time to look at overall policies.' Whose fault is that, I wonder."