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John D. McCormick

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John D. McCormick, 39, of 1045 Hasper seeks elecüon to City Council from the Fifih Ward. He is a lawyer and a Republlcan. 1- Yes, although it is now already outgrown. 2- This is, of course, a very difficult question to answer with inflation taking its toll each year and considering the phenomenal growth of our city - 50 per cent growth between 1963 and 1968; we must .keep the budget as low as possible and eliminate unnecessary expenditures ; we must evalúate well all offered Federal programs bef ore acceptance; I'm against any raise in taxes, although it may be necessary to invoke an income tax in later years with a corresponding limit on real property taxes, which has been recommended by a past Blue Ribbon Committee. 3 - According to the existing Capital Growth Plan covering planning for the years 196975, but which needs to be revised annually; the existing Guide For Change also needs revisión; I advocate a regional developmental plan, therüby allowing our city and surrounding areas to be developed o r d e r 1 y , covering annexations, park land,, water, sewage disposal, land use and environment. 4- It must concéntrate it.s pólice efforts toward conviction of the hard drug pusher, along with increasing lts rehabilitation efforts of those already addicted. Our Pólice Department should keep better records m the hard drug area, and with f uil and complete confidence of the people, elimínate the epidemie j level of drug usage, which will directly reduce the high crime level. The drug problem must be eliminated at any cost. Being a life resident here and a practicing attor-l ney, and having handled many drug cases, I feel qualifies me to deliver considerable help in this area.