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Film Of Naked Girl Strikes Sour Note At Music Concert

Film Of Naked Girl Strikes Sour Note At Music Concert image
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A blues-country-rock concert was interrupted shortly before midnight Saturday in Hill Auditorium by 100 shouting women who walked out after a movie featuring a naked woman was projected on a screen behind the band. Commander Cody, leader of the band, apologized on the stage for ' having offended anyone" and continued the concert when the majority of the audience of youths and University students indicated they wanted more music. The concert was an event sponsored by Canterbury House, the mission of the Episcopalian Church for U-M students. Commander Cody, who plays the piano, and his group of six had just finished playing and singing "IV Crying I Time Again," a popular country-western I tune, when a young woman ran onto the I stage from the audience and exhorted l"everyone who feels like us to leave I now." "They are making fools of us and degrading us," she said into a microI phone. I She apparently was referring ti the I movie that had been shown in b? k of I the group bef ore the intermission, film I of a young, nude blonde wrigglint in a I truck going down a highway. The young woman was gently bumped I aside by a member of the band and othI er young women in the audience shouted l"Pis!" and "Sexists!" While the mander Cody group continued to play, a I line of a dozen young women carne I onto the stage in single file and sat quietly in front of the band while it finished I a "truck driver" number that was I grass oriented. When the number was finished, one of the women grabbed a microphone and I addressed the audience. I "How can you sit there and watch I these pigs?" she exclaimed. "We tned I to ask them a question and they refused to talk o us. We are being insulted. We are walking out of here, and we want all those who feel like us to leave, too.' Men and women got up in various parts of the audience and followed the women up the aisles. "Do you want us to continue?" the rest of the audience was asked by the group When there were shouts of "more music," the group launched into rock music, with the leader of the band apologizing. "We are here to play music," he said. "We don't mean to of f end anybody." Almost all of the music, which covered the range from "Honeysuckle Rose" to the currently popular The Wine and the Tears," was backed by motion pictures and projected südes. Most of the pictúres were of large trucks on expressways. Up to the time of the interruption, Commander Cody and his group were well-received by the youthful audience, which seemed especially moved by the amplified guitars and violin and the playing of rock and boogie on the grand piano by the commanaer. They apparently were bored by the I I recorded electronic music of a group ■ caUing itself The Pork, which started ■ the program. A film of ingemous I conception was hooted down by the ■ impatient audience, which demanded I "Lefs have the live action. We want the 1 I commander!" ï Here's what a minister had to say I I today about Saturday's incident at the I I concert "We were surprised by the incident," I I said the Rev. J. Daniel Burke, chaplain I of the Episcopal Student Foundation. I "The program was put together after I Canterbury House was asked ïf ït wantI ed to sponsor it, and there was no way ■ of knowing it would cause such a reacI Üon The band was busy playing under I the pictures and apparently did not realI ize right away what was happening and I were unaware of what movie was being ■ shown at the time. The people who put Ithe program together apparently meant I the movie to be a parody on people who I play such roles, but anyone who chose to ■ view it in another light could easily get I another opinión." . The Rev. Mr. Burke was not in a part I of the auditorium where he could see the I film at the time it was shown. "The women," he added, "apparently I were not objecting to the music but only I to the film. They were intent on gettmg I a public apológy."


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