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Monroe, Chelsea Youths Reign In Science

Monroe, Chelsea Youths Reign In Science image Monroe, Chelsea Youths Reign In Science image
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Carol Smolen, a student at St. Mary s I Academy in Monroe, and David P. I Klsmer of Chelsea High School, walked I off with the top "over-all" Senior DiviI sion awards in the 14th annual SouthI eastern Michigan Science Fair here yesI terday. Susie Kish of Ann Arbor's Forsythe ■Junior High School took first place in Ithe fair's Junior División - Models and ËCollections Section, while Julia R. Wu of ■Ann Arbor's Greenhills School, won the Btop award in the Junior División Ex■periments Section. ■ Miss Smolen received $125 in cash, an I expense-paid trip to the International I Science Fair, April 30 to May 5 in New I Orleans, La., and a gold medal for comI ing in first with her exhibit entitled "The I Strangler." The title refers to air and I water pollution. The Chelsea youth received $100 in cash, an expense-paid trip to the InterI national Science Fair, and a silver medal for his runnerup finish with an exhibit I entitled "Laser Holography." Late enrollments brought total en■Êtrants in the 1972 fair to 169, or 17 more Bthan submitted entry cards last year. Miss Smolen, a resident of Flat Rock, Bwon the $10 cash award ribbon Bfor first place in the new Science and ■Society category; a $10 special award Band certifícate from the National SanitaBtion Foundation; and a U.S. Air Forcé ■ Certifícate, in addition to her over-all Bfair awards. Klemer received the additional awards lof $10 and a blue ribbon for first place in Bthe physics and engineering catetory, Band a U.S. Air Forcé Certifícate. Miss Kish also won the Michigan ■ Botamcal Club $10 award and certifícate ■ for her exhibit on "Mushroom and FunI gi: Study for Source of Protein," in addiI tion to the $25 in cash first place award ■ in the models section, a gold medal, and ■ an additional $39 in cash in lieu of a set ■ of Lincoln Library books which didn't I arrive. The money is equal to the cost of I the books. Miss Wu received a camera, $25 in I cash, and a gold medal for her exhibit I on "Protein Deficiency in Mice" which I was entered in the junior fair experiI ments section. Lori Anne Albin, Ann Arbor's Huron I High School, took the third place over-all I Senior División Award of $75 in cash and I a bionze medal, the same as she did last I year when she was a student at GreenI hills School. She also took the $10 first B place award in the biology category for I the second year in a row, and also won a TT J forceCertiticate for her exmoit ?n ':EDTA in rhrnnir. Lead Poisomng. Michael Carter of Ann Arbor Pioneer High School won the fourth place overall award of $50 in cash for his exhibit on "The Behavior of Ionic Particles in Water Solutions." He also won the $10 first place award in the chemistry eategory and received a U.S. Air Force tificale. - ..... Jen Kuhn of Forsythe won the fiith place over-all award of $40 in cash and a ribbon for his exhibit on "Microwave Representation of Optical Gyration. He also won the $5 second place cash award in the physics and engineering category. t Matee Rizki of Pioneer won the ?3ü sixth place over-aU award for an exhibit entitled "Photogropic Responses in Vanous Drosophila Eye Pigment." He also won the $5 second place cash award in the biology category. Four seventh place over-all awards of PO in cash plus a ribbon went to Andrew Foster of Ann Arbor's St. Thomas High School Bruce Gebhardt of Greenhills, jül Trosin of St. Mary's Academy, Monroe, and Mary Crispin of Pioneer Miss Crispin also won the $10 lirst place award in mathematics and a U.S. Air Force Certificate. Gebhardt won third place in the physics engineering category and also the annual award of a Pickett süde rule. Miss Trosin also won the $5 second place award in thescience and society category, and the Foster youth also won the $5 second place award in chemistry. . Other Senior División winners ïncluded David Schleicher of Pioneer who won the, $10 first place award in earth sciences and a National Aeronautiis and Space Administration Certificate; Bryan H. SuHs of Huron High who won the ?5 second place award in mathematics and the first place U.S. Navy Science Award; and Patricia Poupard of St. Marv's Academy who won third place m biology and the second place U.S. Navy Science Award. Also Debra Martin of St. Mary s Academy, third place in chemistry; Yuzuru Suxuki of Greenhills, third place in mathematics; and Robert Stark of South Lvon High School, third place m science and society and a Marine Technology Society Certificate. Tom Midgley of lorsvthe won honorable mention in biology and a U.S. Army Certificate, while Keith McClary of Huron High won honorable mention in physics and enginering and a U.S. Army Certificate. David Murray of Howell High School won honorable mention in physics and I engineering, and Linda Hutchins of I sythe, honorable mention in biology. Jo I Hogan of Ann Arbor St. Thomas won the I American Speech and Hearing I tion Certifícate and also a U.S. Army I Certifícate. Timothy Gaynor of St. I mas won a NASA Certifícate. Ann Arbor Greenhills School students I made a clean sweep of the top awards in I the Junior División Experiments Section. I In addition to first place winner, Miss I Wu, they were Anne Gilbert who took I the second place $35 cash award and I ver medal; Dan Dunlap, $30 cash third I place award and bronze medal; Romy I Albín, fourth place $25 cash award; I vid Lewis, $20 fifth place cash award; I and Martha Moyers, $15 sixth place cash award. Seventh place $5 cash awards in that section went to Julie Riddering and I Mary Flack, both of Greenhills; Greg I Simsar of Tappan; Bill Bernahl of I son: Julie Kerry of Forsythe; and B. Jeff Graves of Ypsilanti's West Junior High School. Major winners in the Junior División Modetis and Collections División, in addition to first place winner Miss Kish, M were Paul Yourick of Forsythe, $35 in I cash and silver medal for second place; I Betsy Gosling of Forsythe, $30 third I place cash award and bronze medal; I vid Kooyers of Forsythe, $25 fourth I place award; Jenni Rice of Ypsilanti I West Junior High, $20 f ifth place award; and Renee Walton, also of West Junior I High, $15 sixth place award. Seventh place $5 cash award winners I in that section were Brian Harden and I Preston Quirk, both of Ypsilanti West I Junior High; Mike Mackellar of Tappan; and Ryan Wilson, Carol Sweet and Kirk I NoLm, all of St. Charles School at I port ir Monroe County. Junior fair entrants winning U.S. I mv Certificates included Jon Rees, Dale I Stein and Steven Miller, all of Slauson, I and Patti Meyers of Tappan. Robert I King and Steve Wade, both of Ypsilanti We.=l Junior High won NASA j cates. I Julie Kerry of Forsythe won the first I Eastman Kodak Award given at the I Southeastern Michigan Science Fair. I Given for the best use of photography in I anvexhibit, it includes $25 in photography I merchandise and a certificatlTMW Kittie Galan of Greenhills School won the special Medical Technology Society Award of a $25 U.S. Savings Bond, while I Julie Riddering, also of Greenhills won a I Michigan Botanical Club $10 award, and John Hodge of Forsythe, a $10 National Sanitation Foundation Award. Junior División Model Section honorable mention awards of a certifícate, ribbon and science book went to Kathy Robertson of Dexter's Wylie Middle School, Charles Herman of West Junior High. Jon Boyd of Forsythe, Gerald I Jackson of St. Charles School, Laura Schafbuch of Slauson, and Chris Campbell, Holly Hall, Jill Jesson and Bill Thomas, all of Greenhills. Identical awards in the Experiments Section went to Gard Adams, John Greeno, Diana Pozanski, and Kittie Galán, all of Greenhills; Kristen Dasse and John .Hodge, both of Forsythe; Ginny Kortesoja and Geg Makhov, both of West Junior High, and Monica Switanek of St. Charles School. The fair is sponsored by the Ann ; bor Exchange Club, the U-M and The jLnn Arbor News. ■ I


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