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Politics, Plays Key Role In County Appointments

Politics, Plays Key Role In County Appointments image
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Politicians are divided mto two classes: the appointed and the disappointed. The Washtenaw County Commissioners politieleed along partisan Unes, city lines and color lines last week and came up with a long list of appointments to committees for 1973. The biggest change from 1972 will be on the Board of Auditors where chairman J. Martin Rempp was ousted and replaced with Kent P. Talcott who presently serves as an Auditor. George Thorne, Jr. was also named to the Board of Auditors for a two year term. Rempp will serve as an official advisor, pending board approval. The Planning Commission and Department of Public Works Board underwent some unexpected shake-ups which included the refusal to seat two County Commissioners on the DPW board. Board Chairman Neil Mast (who was defeated in the August primary) and Commissioner Jay Bradbury were piícedin ftomination for the DPW Board, but both lost to nominations from the floor. Donald Calvert of Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti City Councilman Norman Kennedy and former Commissioner Bent Neilsen were named instead. Kennedy was named by a black and Democratie coalition. Two present members of the County Planning Commission were replaced by Harold Davis of Ypsilanti Township and Barbara Abbeduto of Superior Township. Ms. Abbeduto was appointed by a coalition of Ypsilanti and out-county Commissioners. Commissioner Bradbury was re-appointed to another term on the Commission. GOP Commissioners banded together to vote the Reverend Emmett Green to a three-year term on the Social Services Board. Commissioner Albert Bredernitz (R-Saline) was appointed to the Huron Rirer Watershed Council, following a GOP move to name Commissioner James C regar to the post, which he said he did not want.


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