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Xot a vacant house in Clinton. O. J. Warner will build in Hamburg. South Lyon wants a lawyer, so says the Picket. Work on the new Gregorv law mili is progressing. The school inspector has visited the Mooreville schools. Hamburg is slightly stirred tip over postoffice matters. Saline prides itself on not having an empty house in town. Attend your township caucuses and nominate the best men. Sylvan Centre gets a new residen April lst. in J. Smith of Grass Lake B . Parker will open a boot and shoe store in the McKorn block in Chelsea. Thomas Daly, of South Lyon, anc Jacob Bullock, of Salem, rejoice ovei pensions granted. There were fifty-one present at the Bridgewater reading society held at Wilham Gadd's last week. The Ypsilanti senior high schoo students have chosen green anc orange for their class colors. Mr. J. S. Harris, of Ypsilanti, died Match 9 in Hot Springs, ArJtansas, He was fifty-five years of age. The Grass Lake News thinks that celery raising-coukl be made to add 2,000 to the population of that village. The Ypsilanti Savings bank received a bag of silver last week weighing sixty-five pounds. It contained $1,000. Among the candidates ior the democratie nomination for supervisor ofNorthfield are Messrs. Purtell, Ryan and Sutton. The expenditures of Saline village for the past year reached the sum of $3,643.32. The new building is what run the expenses up. Atiss Clara Case only daughter of Daniel Case, of Milan, died on the morning of March 12 of typhoid fever at the age oí fifteen years. Mrs. Edward Murby died in Ypsilanti, on Tuesday of last week aged 57 years. Her remains were taken to Providence, Long Island. Mr. David Henning, of Chicago, has again presented the Ladies brary Association oí JJexter with $20 for the purchase of new books. Some 6neak theives recently relieved the smoke house of Charles Cassedy, two miles east of Grass Lake, of 300 pounds of ham and shoulders. The Ypsilantian believes that the democratie administration is to blame for removing republican office holders. Think of" it. How the dear fellows love office. There wei e about 350 in attendance upon the banquet in honor of St. Patrick in Chelsea last Thursday night and everything passed off in a very pleasant manner. The officers of the senior class of the Dexter high school are president, Miss Myra Browne; secretary and poetess, Miss Kate Krause; historian and treasurer, Miss Clara Phelps. Solomon Brown has been elected president, of Clinton, and Charles D. Cutting, a relative of the Cutting about whom the United States had its difficiilty with Mexico, has been elected its clerk. The Grass Lake school nelted $50 for their library bv an entertainment in town hall. Fifty dollars judiciously expended will buy quite a good many books and the school is to be congratulated. A. D. Bennett, of the Pinckney Dispatch, has been elected clerk of Pinckney by a good sized majority. A. D. Mannis the village president, John Patton, Jas. E. Forbes and Christian Brown, trustees. Jairus Brewer, for twenty years a resident of Dundee, a well-to-do and respected citizen of that place feil down a cellar vvay stairs while passing aiong the streets ot Dundee, meeting with instant death He was 73 years of age. At the March meeting of the Webster farmers club, the question of "where does economy in the home end and stingiuess begin" was discussed, Mrs. Sears and Mrs. A. L. Olsaver reading papers upon it. The April meeting will be held at H. T. Phelps. Frank Kirchgessner, the Clinton saloonkeeper, against whom a verdict of $4,000 vas rendered for selling the liquor which caused George Larzelere to fall off the wagon he was driving and thus meet his death, run away from home last week and is supposed to be temporarily insane. The following are the Milan village officers for the ensuing year, President, Dr. Emmett F. Pyle; Trustees, John S. Bray, A. E. GardneY, Robert Swayze and William W. Whaley; Clerk, Charles A. Moore; Treasurer, J. Henry Ford; Street Commissioner, Philip M. Edwards; Assessor, Reuben W. Trussell ; Constable, Henry M. Dexter. l1 rank Keiler, the 19 years old pugilist whose home is in Ypsilanti, is adding to his fame as a principal of the prize-nng. Last Friday he fought in San Francisco with Brad doek of Pittsburgh, Pa., and won the fight, knocking his man out in five rounds. For this achievement, he will hereafter be known to sporting circles as "The Michigan Giant." - Ypsilanti Commercial. Thomas Wall, who is a candidate for the nomination for township clerk in Northfield, was born and brought up in the township. He lives a half mile west and a mile north of the center of the town of Northfield and if elected clerk will be found there during the coming year. This statement, which is made on authority, should set at rest any floating rumors concerning Mr. Wall's residence. The Ypsilanti Arbeiter Verein is officered as follows for the coming year. President, John Terns; Vice President, Andrew Witmire; Ree. and Cor. Secretary, Raphael Kopp; Treasurer, John Meagle; Collector, August Kickerer; Executive Committee, Frank Singule, Geo. Richel, Seo. Ament, Jacob Terns, Joseph Mayer, Geo. Bauman, L. Z. Foorster; Standard Bearer, Adam Shaner; Physician, Ed. Batwell. Our citizens will remember Mr. ames McCoy, formerly of this place, as the man of a versatile and erratic genius. He is a shoemaker by trade, and a superior one. He is also a wood carver, and during the war carved a striking bas relief of Gen. McClelIan. Next as a sculptor he made a fine cast of Mr. Batchelder, and subsequently, while at Standing Rock agency, constructed a mosaic cross, that was exhibited at the Art oan Exhibition in Detroit. He is resident ot that city, where the atest demonstration of genius in his 'amily is the developement of his ittle daughter Eva, as amind-reader f wonderful power. Her first jublic exhibition was given Monday ight, at Fraternity Hall, and it is aid she will be taken abroad after a eries of seances here. Miss Eva is mere child, but her performances n mind reading are said to be wonerful.- Ypsilanti Sentinel.