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Páfnt Friday, run it toCliurch Stinday. Eight Pabliionablc SK;.tles: 1 Uck, Maroon, Vcninlíon Dluc, Yellow, Olive Lake, Erawstcr and Waon Crccns. No Varimlñhj pecessary, Drii& liunl wltU & "hhine." One Coat and job ís done. YOUR BUCCY Tip top for Chaírs. Lawn Seots, Sash, Flower Pots, Uaby Carri.iges, Curtain Poles, Furniture, Pront Doori, Store-fronts, Screen TJoora. Boats, Marntes, Iron Fencc1;. i;i íact cverytliinj. Just the th'mg for the laüies lo use about the house FOR ONE DOLLAR COIT'S HONEST Are you to Paint this yeart I f so, don't liuy a jwmt containing water or benzñic wlicn for the ianie money (or ncarlyso) you can procure CO1T A ((t'rt }U(K t'AIT that ís wrrnlrd to bean HOM ST, 6KHCINI MNSLKhOl!. I'AIM' né free from water and benainc, Pcniíart ihU limnd and tiike no nllirr. Mctchants handling ít are our agents and aulhorized by us, in writing, to wtrmntlt lo nenr b KAlíS wttli 3 )ATS or 8 YKiltS utih S rOAT3. Our Shades are the f.atest Stylcs used in the hist now becoming so in the West, nnd lip with the times Try this brand of 110% HST PAINT and you wil! r.ever regret it. This to thc wíse Ís sufficicnt HOÜSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTK Paint that never dried beyond the sticky point, ■w.istc a weck, spoil the job, and ttien swearf Next time cali for C01T k rOS FLOOR PAIXT 4 popular and suitablc shades, wnmntd to dry hard rh rock over níght. No trouble. No ElbWONT DRY STIGKY es O. CO L2 Cd CO UJ CO o _ s WK ï v t =l c ? B $ LUC ï[Ó Ie Ij 1 II "■-5 Pi f: s" I =sl ! 3K t C3 Í ' C"


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