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ROSE E. CLEVELAND SISTER OF Social Mirror; or, Moral and Social Culture," ís thetitlc of the grand new book introffuced by MissClevela.vd. Jnst out, an uuparalelled success, prcíustly illnstrated, yiih elngant lithorraph píate o Miss Cleveland The work is n complete t rea ti se ou .MORAL mi SOCIAL CUT TLTHF TKUJE MANHOOD and W{) ANHOOD. The mother's ínfluunc , Be patiënt with thc bovs, Keun your diiujihtcrs near yon, Home be:uitifnl. F'nmily jfovernment, 'i he art of conversjition, '1 w awkw:ird and shy, inothr's cars, Etiquette in ;ill its brunches, Etc. . Etc . lts execution Ís unsurp.assect, nt:ücii it the hundsompst siihscrintion book ever published. The itlnstrntions ure the finest and made b speci il urtist.-. AGENTS WANTED Everywhere. 'I h snecess o( workin-ngents ís somethíng rcin:trkfiblv. None hut live, enerjjetic men and womeii wrfntcd ud th: work. We ffuurantee kxcluhivü tkrkiüoky. Affentsat work are inakinyj oo to $10.00 pcrd.iv. Wnte at onct lor ïllustr -itcif circnlars and tefms and nitint ynur i'hoictf ol territtffvj or tf secure it inst.mtly sénd ont dollar for complete a&rents outfit, which will be tVirwardt-d bv return mail pOtstpid. Liberal terins iniiirantcvd Addresa SUN PUBLISHING COMPANY, Detroit. MicL


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