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A Prison Breaker Of Twenty-seven Years Ago

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The Detroit Evening News of last Monday has the following concerning a Jackson prison breaker, who it says was seut to Jackson from this city for burglary. One of the remarkable escapps. while Satou was warden, took place in 1861; that of John Poster, who wassentenced for burglary from Ann Arbor in that year. Foster, it was Riibsequently learned, was a noted prison breaker. having escaned twice from Sing Sing and once from the penitenuary at Columbus, O. Not long after Foster wás put in the briek wall cell at Jackson, and on a Ditter cold night, he dug Uirough the walls of two vacant sells, the door of the second of wliich was open. Gaining the top of thecellsnear the roof liecutaho e through it. From the roof hejumped to the roof of the guard house on the wall and let himselt down by the sheets which he brougtit from the cel), unimpeded, as no guards arekeptou the walls at night. Gomg east he eutered the barn of Mr. J. U. üeyo, then a farmer near Jackson. now an extensivo dealer in horses in tlie city, and stole a blanket. A letter, of which the following is a copy, was found by Warden Seaton in the tenantlesscell. It is well composed and shows that the rascall had a sense of the grimly humorous: Mr. Seaton- Honored Sir: I find an irrepressible desireto visit Washington, but not without bidding vou an aiïectionate farewelL The bii3tle of preparation, witb the unreasouableness of the hour,will, I trust, excuse me for not tendering my parting salutions in person. If all goes well I shall breakfast in Detroit and dine in Canada. I woukl suggest that you send . that blacksmith :piime guard) to the insane asylum. His pranks have Jafiected my program. However, 1 will trust in the Lord and strive to do my whole duty. Chance exerts some ageucy in the destiny of every man, but all success turns on httlo precautions. If I reach my destinatior in safety I will write you an account of my travels. Physically I am pretty well run down, but I trust that atter . regale my lungs for a season witb the balmy air of liberty, Iticliard will be himself again. Yours in great haste, John Fostee, Trisoner of hope Later on Warden Seaton received a letter from Foster, dated at Ilarper's Ferry, requesting him to forvvard the picture of his friend, a large and uretty fair oil paiuting of a weak-looking youngman.which Mr. Seaton exhibited. Foster had joined the army, and no effort was made for his recapture. Af ter tlie war Foster was heard from once more in Weathersford, Conn., state prison,where lie killed.the warden, a crime for which he was hauged.


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