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Many peculiar points make Hood's Sarsaparilla superior to all other medicines. Peculiar in combination, proportion, and preparation of ingredients, A Hood's Sarsaparill possesses SS the íull curative valué of the l best known ieme(liesrQrrot the vegetable king-Qdom. Peculiar in itsj tJ'ïstrength and economy-lr Hood's Sarsaparilla isQjrthe only medicine ir r which can truly be saidjA r "One Hundrod Doses Ov&jjr fS$ rVoïïar." Medicines in TJOMarger and smaller bottles JJrequire larger doses, and do nok rproduce as good results as Hood's. Peculiar in its medicinal merits, Hood's Sarsaparilla accomplishes cures hitherto unknown, and has won for itself the title of " The gi-eatest bloodrok purifler ever discovered.'" QÍS Peculiar i n its " gpod name r LHrt' home,"- there Js now r nore of Hood's Sarsaparilla sold in Lowell, vhcreT Hirrit is made, than of z.r rf othcr blood purifiers. Jrpeculiar in its phenome- TtxA record of sales abroad Ano othcr preparation hasL gSéver attained such popuriarity in so short a time, - r and retained its popularity V)ránd confidenco among all classes of people so steadfastly. Do not be induced to buy other rreparations, but be sure to get the Peculiar Medicine, Hood's Sarsaparilla Soldby all dril KRists. 51slrfor55. I'rcpredonlf bj C. I. HOOD A CO., Apothecario, Lowell, Ms. 100 Doses One Dollar


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