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Real Estate Transfers

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Recorded during the week in the office of the Register of Deeds. Byron McCauley to James Henry, Dexter $5 00 Albert Guthrie to Samuel Guthrie, Sylvan...... 1,300 00 William H. Burnham to W. E. Howard, York 6,000 00 Margaret H. Frederick. et al to Samuel Truscott, Salem . 150 00 Mary Lois Ffeifle to Wm. H. Burnham, York 4,000 00 George Zeek to David Blaich, Sylvan 2,000 00 James N. W allace to Margaret Bucklin, Ypsilanti city. 1,000 00 Harrison II. Fairchild to Philander M. Campbell, et al Ypsilanti city 2,300 00 Samuel W. Parsons and wife to Harrison H. Fairchild, Ypsilanti city 100 Augusta E. Campbell, et al to Harrison H. Fairchild, Ypsilanti city 4,000 00 Mary Chambers by executor to Elmina M. Wilson, Ann Arbor 2,950 00 Nelson J. Kyer to John W. Masón Aun Albor city... ■ 725 00 Kitchen and Lawrence to Harriet Gates, Ypsilanti... 1 00 Harriet A. Gates to H. R. Scovell, Ypsilanti city 650 00 Jane Norton to John J. Lowery, ï psilanti city 100 00 Richard Lowery to John J. Lowery, Ypsilanti city 500 00 Rosa Brooker to Lena Brooker, Ypsilanti 1,000 00 Edward Treadwell to John Zeigler, Ann Arbor 900 00 John YVuerthner to John Yentier, Manchester 3,000 00 Thomas Kernshall to Anna Walker, Manchester 2,400 00 Rosanna Lavey to C. and M. Lyman, Dexter 1,100 00 Emma J . Ashley to Christian Mack, Ann Arbor city 1,000 00 Aaron F. Wood to Marcus M. YVardsworth, Bridgewater. 2,919 00 Alice E. Graut to Sarah Hen- riques Jones, Anu Arbor city 750 00 Henry Coldazer by adm. to Joseph T. Jacobs 2,350 00 Joseph T. Jacobs to Edward A. Gott, Ann Ar.bor. 100 Henry Coldazer ,by heirs to Edward A. Gott, Ann Arbor 1,650 00 Mary E. Coldager by guardián to Edwarü A. Gott. Anu Arbor 550 00 Stephen B. Morse by exr. to Archibald Fraser, Ypsilanti city 3,000 60 VV allace S. Draper and wife to Albert B. Diaper. Ypsilanti 1,000 00 Leonhard Gruner to John Eiting, Aun Arbor city 175 00 Samuel F. Jewett to Warren Wadhams, Anu Arbor city 250 00 Ann II. Lippleman to Lucy Moore, York . . 800 00 Phillip Jacob Wellhoiï by slipriff to Reuben Kempf, Sharou 242 60 Jacob Bollinger et al to John and Mary Bolliuger, Lima. 2,500 00 Jacob Bollinger to Gottlieb Bollinger, Lima 1,860 31 A. J. Robison and wife to Mowry A. Pierce, Sharon. . 6,400 00 Thomas K. Andrews to Harvey James, Ypsilanti 1,600 00 Henry V". Deitrich and wife to Robert Marshall, Fpsilanti 4,000 00 Worster Blodgett to William J. Farsons, Webster 3,000 00. Michael Brodbeck to F. G. Schleicher,Ann Arbor city. 630 00 Kate Geiger to John C. Gerlach, Morthüeld 500 00 Jennie C. McDowell to E. Lou. McDonald, Ypsilanti city 1,600 00 Margaret H. Frederick to American B. H. O. Sewing Machine Co., Salem 100 00 Hiram Pierce and wife to H. and S . Fierce, Lima 10,578 00 Charles Lockwood to George D. LockvTood, Salem 100 00 John Taylor toTobias Holmes, Northfleld 1,200 00 HudsonT. Morton to Diana Fosey, Ypsilanti 20 00 William Kent and wife to Jeremiah D. Corey, Manchester 210 00