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Record Of Fire Losses

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New York, April 24 - Tb tire statistics annually complied by The Chronicle oL this city are about to be published for the current year. These records of fires and losses are the only elabórate ones kept, and are prepared in the interest of the insurance companies. The Chronicle reports 16,394 noteworthy flres in the United States during 1887, an increase of 1,171 over 1886. The value of the property burned was S119,200,380 an increase of $14,264,630 over 1886. The average loss by each fire was $7,872, agaüist $6,760 in 1806. About 5S per cent. of the whole loss is estimatedo have been returned to fire sufferers by the msurance compañías. The remaining 42 per cent. was on uniusured proporty. The fire loss of the year was divided ás follows: New England, $10,600,000; middle States, 4-öl,400,000; southern states, $34,600,000; western states, $42,300,080; Pacific states and territories, ?10, 400,000. Incendiarism and detective fiues are reporlpd as the chief causes of fires. About 21 per cent. of the fires of knowu origin are said to have been incendiary.


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