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Tïy nsln COIT Jt E08 OXR.fOAT BfflGY PATXT I'aint 1-nd.iy, run it to Church Sunday. Eight Fashionable Shadtti LLack, Maroon, Venmlion Blue. Ycllow, Olive Lake, Brcwster and Wagon Crcens. No Varnijliing pecesary. Drlm hard wlth m "ihine." One Coat and job is done. YOUR BUGGY Tïp top for Chairs, Lawn Seats, Sash. Flowrr Pots, Baby Carriages, Curtain Pol, Furnitur, Front Doors, Store-fronts, Screen Doors, Boals, Man.Ies, Iron Fcncc4:, in íact everythinj. Just Ihe for the Jadíes to use about the house FOR ONE DOLLAR COIT'S HO NEST Are you poing to Paiut t!ns lf so, don't buy a .-it containtng w.iter or benzine when for the s.uiil" mnriey (or nearly so) you can procure COIT k UfS J-tUfe IMIM' that is wirriitrd to bean HOSKSf, GBXU1XK M8KKD-01L PAIT and frec frotn water and benzine. Vcmm tbU ürnurt and t:it no othr. Merchants handling it are our ag-ents and authorized by us, in writing, U warranl U U ft YKAKS UK S COAT8 or t TK1KS nUU 2 COAT8. Our Shades are Ae Iitest Styles u&cd in the East nnw beconiirtg so in the West. and tip wjth the times Try tiits brand of HOMiKT PAIXT and you wú never regret it. This to the wise is sutficient HOUSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTËi Paint thnt never dríed beyond the sticky point, waste a weck, spoil the lob, and then sweart Next time caII for COIT i fO'S FUiOK l'UKl 4 popular and suitablc s ludes, wsrrW4 t dry hJtr ■ rack tr mlfhU No trouble Ho SbWONT DRY STICKY, so as íü 3B J fi j ,j_ s u UJ co s - hl ten a m Je lw I si ü ? tu ll I f afi C3 h- i ü O.


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