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The Claimant For The Harvey Estate

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The petition of Elizabeth Walke Susannah Tbeobald, clnimiiig the es tate of Thomas llarvey, whs filed i the probate court, Wednesrlay. Th proceeds of tliis estáte amounting t ?4, 050.66 had, as has been stated in th Akgits, been paid over to the comit treasury. The petition sets forth th death of Thomas llarvey at Cliuton on April löth, 1873. llarvey was a bache ! lor, his father and mother were dead and he )eft no brothera or sisters, ne phews or neices. Mrs. Tlieobald, th claimant, is a wotnan fifty-two years e age residing atNorthdown, near Mar gate, in the isle of Thanet In England She claims to be in ovvn cousin o Thomas Harvey. lier grandfather Squire llarvey, she claims, had fou ch i ld ren. William, GMiomas, Elizabeth and Mary Francis. William, who was the father of Thomas Harvey, died befoiehis sou and lef t neither wit'e noi other childien. Thomas was drownec at sea leavinsr 110 issue. Elizabeth niamed and died in 1870, leaving one sou. a c'ergyman who died without issue. Mary cnimed William Mauser and died in 1S-Ï7, leavins an only daughter who is ttie present claimant, Mrs. Theobald. The petition is lile: by Lucius Lilley, Esq., of Tecumseh the agent ot Mis. Theobald. The claimant gives as a reason for the long delay in making her claim, her lemote location and tardy information. The hearing is set for 'May 23rd. John II. Harvey, of Eomeo, Mlch., writes, claiming lliat he bslieves Thomas Harvey, whc dit;d near Manchester in 1H73, was his father, whom he last saw in 1861 and last heard of in 1863 as theu in the United States army.


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