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As the dawn broke in the east that Thursday morning, Philij) Breton stiod 011 the deck of the stoamer Sal vator. ïhe look of ieverish watcbfulness, that had liever left his face lor so long, was gone at last. The great fear that had cbased sniiles from his lips, had gi ven place to a great hope. A divine calm and peaee had come at last upon his soul. Fate bad seemed invincible. Ho had pitted his beautiful milis and his boine and his :y against it, all for tliu love of a wvinan who had no heart for liim. He had conquere-;, and he did not begrudge the price, tliis royal lover; for he bad won the lovö of hi-s bride at last. Beloiv in her stiteroom, weary AitU her unwonted exciten ent, Bertha was sleeping; like a child unconBcious of the terrible perü and infamy she had escaped by only so much as a hair's breadth. ïlio hurryina ahip rocked her eeutly in the great eradle of the deep and bore her to lands of undreamed of ■ : v, here the li.Lcht oL a aew eterna! Jove woultï be on everything. THE EXD.


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