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The funeral of L. A. Town and wife, who were killed ir. a Nebraska railway accident recently, was attended by more than l,00C people at Grand Rapids. Mr. T. held an accident policy of ?8,000 upon himself, and one of $2,000 on nis wife. Montcalm county has decided by a majorityof 2,l8to try the "dry" system for the next three years. M. Kadwell, a Chase citizen, is the owner of a cow that is the mother of four brighteyed heifer calves,all of which are less than a year old. A quarrel between Fred Haas and Fred Kruger over a división of land in Sanilac sounty resulted in Haas shooting Kruger, killing him. They were brothers-in-law, Kruger having furnished tho money with which the land in dispute was purchased. Sam D. Clay, Kent county's prosecuting attorney, who has been under investigation for sorae weeks past for alleged misconduct of his office, has been given his walking papera by Governor Luce. The Michigan state troops that camp at Mackinac island when the breath of summer reaches the northland will get a taste of the hardships of army life by sleeping on genuine mattresses. A Brighton man,well loaded with the juice that inebriates, went home late at night and drove his wife out of the house, ciad only in her night apparel. She sought the shelter of the barn, and was thoroughly chilled by morning, but the Ionia house of correction will shelter lier husband for ninety days to come. Although Iosco was one of the two countics that voted to retain the license system, most of her saloonists have been obliged tosbut up shop on account of the high licensa required by the new tax law. John and Jeremiah O'Connor have been taxed $50 each by the Ogenmn circuit eourt for refusing to register a voter in Hill township in April, 1887. Having made '-its pile" Stanton's National bank is prejjaring to retire f rom business. It will be succeuded by a savings bank. John Boyd, of Kalamazoo, is the owner of an English penny tbat was coined ninety -one years ago, during the reign of George III. Most any of us can keep a penny, but it's the big bilis that are hard to get hold of, and are still more difficult to retain. The Duluth, South Shore & Atlantic railway's round-house at St. Ignace burned, involving a loss of over $30,000. During the past winter W. Leckner, of Sherwood, has purchased over 25,000 muskrat skins for a New York city flrm. High-priced furs ought to be plenty next season. For the first time in its history Otsego county is out of debt. A Union City man, who had been on a four months' spree at a cost of $400, applied a loaded revolver to his a sure means of ending an unhappy existence. At last the fire that has caused so much trouble at the Calumet and Hecla mine is out, and the task of pumping out the water has been begun. Kalamazoo merchants have been vietiniized for small amounts by forged checks taken in payment for goods. Burglars clothed themselves from the stock of W. L. Main, at Tekonsha, on Sunday night. Loyster & Son, a Hudson firm, handled 200,000 pour.ds of butter last year. Millford's roller mili will be rebuilt and enlarged to a daily capacity of 100 barrels. The Oakland circuit court has only sixtyfive cases this term with which to amuse itself. We are told that "birds in their nttle nests agree," but this seldom applies to members of the nedical profession. A Clare doctor has just been tried for sonspiring to transplant a brother practitioner to a healthier clime. The case was a sort of draw, the jury standing nine to three for acquital. A Luther man ran down the, Street the other day crying fire, but when he reached the object of his fears, found that it was simply a red flannel shirt flapping on a clothes-line. A Bellevue gentleman is the owner of a Bible that's 870 years oíd, which he values at $500. The British museum has the only other copy of the same edition. Lightning played many pranks at Union City during a recent storm, striking several houses, demolishing a church steaple and raising the deuce generally with the telephone wires. A Calhoun county plowman recently unearthed a pieee of native copper that weighed eleven and oue-half pounds. 'Twas in the shape of a ruda hammer, and had doubtless been used by soine Indian in the long ago. Belding expe(;ts to have 100 new dwelüngs before JNTov. 1. Booming burg. Vessel owners are solidly opposed to the scheme of bridging' the river at Detroit, claiming that the proper thing for the railways to do is to dig a tunnel undttr the river when they become tired of the old system of ferrying across. Wearing finger rings is also becoming dangerous in these modern times. An Imlay City blacksmith lost a tinger while sboeing a horse by the animal giving a vigorous kick and tbe sboe catching the ring. It cost a Detroit saloonist $1X5 and costs to try the scbeint; of running shop without a license. William Tall, a Royal Oak youth, is said to be away off his mental base because the girl he loved wouldn't reciprócate. A Grand Rapids couple, who were duly married in that city according to the law of tbe land, had the job done over again in Dutch when they reacbed Chicago, so as to give them proper standing when tbey reach Holland, which will be their future home. The April erop of Michigan salt foots up 261,617 barrels. Thomas Rooney was born in Ireland 110 years ago and now resides in Muskegon county. He has freely indulged in stimulants the most of his life, retains a good ap[tite and a clear conscience and bids fair to attain a green old age. While assisting in taking down a brick wbü of the old Methodist church at Flint J. 0. Clark was killed by falling brick. He was öO years old and a respected citizen. Grand Rapids people are using something over 1,000 telephones, while the city itself is telephonically connected with nearly 100 Michigan towns. The curiosity of the residente of Ishpeming is greatly exercised. The town bas twentyfive secret societies. W. J. Stuart has been named as the successor of Sam Clay, the deposed prosecuting attorney of Kent county. Tuscola has a factory that devotes itself to the propogation of rustic chairs. William Gelr, superintendent of the South Lyon Furniture factory, was seriously injured by a falling smoke-stack. Rev. J A Ford, who has received a cali from the Battle Creek Baptist cburch, was once a newspaper man, and it was in that capacity, no doubt, that he learnedto betruly good. The residence of a Flint editor was recently burgled, and the foolish chap who did the job got an old umbrella and a can of fruit that had been presented the quill driver that day by an admiring subscriber. The purloiner who expects to find anything valuable in an editor's house shows mighty poor judgment. Mrs. Mary Lyons, a lady 90 years of age and a resident of St. Louis, recently received a pension of $1,066 on account of services rendered by her late husband in the war of '1812. W. K. Charles, a Bangor farmer who owns a farm upon which a lake, covering some fif teen acres, is located, was desirous of ascertaining in wnom its ownership was vested, and so wrote a letter of inquiry to the United States land office. In due time Mr. C. received a reply stating that not only the waters of the lake were his individual property, but the earth beneath it also; and if he liked, the sky above it, or all that portion he could make use of, might be included. This would seem to settle and make valid the claim of ownership by those owning land that entirely surrounds small bodies of water. The state supreme court has decided that a man can not be imprisoned for seduction, provided he atones for the offense by marriage. William Gould, who was serving a three years' sentence on such a charge, was ordered released. Nine Michigan Central conductors have been bounced, including some of the oldest men on the road, the result of a ''spotter s" work. Many things are uncertain. Burglaries are painfully uumerous at Flint. And yet Flint is the town that is trying to get along without a night pólice forcé. A washout damaged the lumber firm of Pardee, Cook & Co., at Ludington, $8,000 worth. The condensed milk factory at Lansing is getting away with 12,000 pounds of milk and 2,500 pounds of sugar per day. Over 6,000,000 pounds of milk were used by the concern last season. Eider Jeremiah Payne, the Kent county man convicted of seducing Pauline Missik, lias been granted a new trial.


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