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The Danger Before Us

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We have already alluded to the importance of housekeepers paying more attention to the kind óf baking powder used in leavening their bread. ïhis is a matter to which we cannot draw attentioti too often, because it is something whieh involves the most serious consequences to the general body of mauk.nd. Temperanca apostles teil us -and there is ampie foundation tor the statement- that there is disease, both moral and physical, in the intoxicating cup; and in the same way there is disease, slow perhaps, but certain, in the lime and aluin leavenmg agents employed in many of the homes on this continent. No punishment is too severe for those manufacturers who place these poisonous alum and lime baking powders before the public with the assurance that they are pure and wholesome articles. In the belief of truth of such statements such baking powders are largely used in the preparation of food and in this way the poisonous ingredients are taken mío the system without a suspicion of their preseuce. By and by come spells of headache, distress in the stomach,loss of appetite, a fluttering of the heart;the child is seized with au apparently causeless cough . The coating of the stomach is destroyed, perhaps; one of the vital organs is rendered almost uselfss; the kidneys are attacked with Bright's disease. The liealth of the child is irreparably broken dovyn; the adult becomes a chronic invalid. These are the doings of the modern cheap baking powders that are cornposed of lime and alum, or that contain sulphuric or phosphatic acids. In view of these facts surely all housewives should exerciae the care that is, ve know, now exercised by some in the selection of a proper brand of baking powder. She who does not do so, vvhether the neglest is the result of ignorance or recklessness,cannotfree herself from the responsibility for the health, perhaps life, thereby endangered. No housewife need be ignorant of the quality and composition of the article which she uses to leaven her bread, biscuit and cake. The official reports of the government chemists, who are certainly unprejudiced, have been published and show very clearly the quality and strength of all the bakicg powders in the market. The lloyal Baking Powder, which is accessible at every hand, is reported absolutely free from lime, alum, phosnhatic acid, or any injurious ingrediënt, lt is f urther stated by the most eminent authorities on food hygiëne that food leavened with it is more wholesome than wlien raised by any other method. lts use is therefore to be commended. It is to be regretted that no other baking powder, when there are so many in the market, some of which will find their way into use, is free from all of these substances. The official analysis assure us, however, that all except the lloyal contain either lime or alum. The housekeeper who regards the health of her love'l ones should not only order tl;e Royal, but make personal ex amination to be sure tliat no othe brand is sent her in its Dlace.


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