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Quite a party, of Dexterites spen Wednesday at Base Lake. Mrs. Kate Smith, of Masón, ha beert visiting her mother Mrs. Murdock. Miss Louise Taylor, of Ann Arbor, spent Sunday wiih some of her Dexter fnends. Mrs. G. S. Sill and daughter,Mrs M W. Edgar, drove through to Detroit Iast Friday. C. F. Crane, of Toledo, is home on a short visit to his parents, Hon A. D. Crane and wife. Mrs. A. C. Nichols, of Ann Arbor, visited Miss Manan Phelps o: this place, Saturday last. Farmers in this section are too busy to come to town and our streets are quiet in cönsequence. Mrs. Geo. H. Sleator, of Alpena and her little ones are visiting her father, Mr. William Warner. The new law by which the county gets one half the liquor tax, we fear will leave Dexter village a little short ot funds. A subscription paper is circulating for the purpose of getting the street sprinkler out again. There surely should be no difficulty in raising the required amount. Fishing occupies a portion of the time of many of our Dexter young people and thoy seem to be fairly successful, judging from the number of "finnies" seen on our street. S. A. Crane, who has just finished painting the Congregational church has gone to Detroit where he expects to improve the outward appearance of several houses by the use of his brush. F. F. Taylor and family left Tuesday morning for their new home at East Tawas, where Mr Taylor expects to eiigage in the dry goods business as a member of the firm ot W. M. Locke & Co. Their manny Dexter friends wish them abundant success. While there are poor fields o: wheat to be found in Dexter township, there are also many fields where wheat promises to be a good crop. One Dexter farmer has 2,000 bushels of wheat in his bins, another has 1,000 and a third has not sold any wheat for several years, waiting for a rise in prices. We understand some effort has been made to form a stock company for the purpose of putting rollers into the Dexter Mills. "Why don't some live person push this matter and see if the thing can't be done? And why could not the old Peninsular Mills be remodeled into - say a aaper mili ? The water power is one of the best on the Huron River. Don't let Dexter get mouldy. Our Soda fountains are running and C. S. Smith is preparing to open his ice cream parlors. Just jet your cream the night before, Jharlie, flavor properly, and leave t out of doors and we venture to ay it vrill be ready for sale the next morning without any exertion on 'our part in the way of freezing it. iowever we hope for warmer weather soon and Smith can make as good cream as any one.