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Counterfeiting A Baking Powder

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The public is too well inforuied as to the dauger frotn aluin baking powders to need any caution aiamstusiug thew. It is, nevertheiess, a tact that rnany of our most prudent and careful housekeepers are, without knowing it, using these deletenous articles daily, and from thein prepaiing for their families food which. were they aware of its nature, they would not offer to a beggar. Bakiug powders made from burnt alum cost less thau f our cents a pound. When these can be worked off in place of the Boyal Baking Powder, and sold for forty or flfty cents a pound, there are many mauufacturers and dealers suöiciently uuscrupulous to do it. A íavonte method of selling these poisonous alum baking powders is by placing the ai in an empty Royal Bakiug Powder eau iind vveighing thern out in small quantities wheu the Royal Baking Povvder Is called for by customers. ïhe grocei, if questioned, claims tha1 he buys in large uackages at a lower i'ate, and is thus able to sell below the price of goods in small caus. All baking powders sold in this way are entitled to suspicion. Aualyses of rnany of them have been made with a view to a prosecution, and in all cases they have been found largely adulterated and generally made from poisonous burnt alum. This is selling counterfeit goods, and is. of course, an offence against the law. We are glad to know that the Royal Baking l'owder Company have taken the matter in hand, and are acting in a way that will protect the public from the swindle. The surest proteetion from this fraud is for the housekeeper to buy the baking powder of the brand she wishes in the original unbroken paokage looking carefully to see that the label has not ,100 tam pered with. The Royal Baking ówder Companv announce, what is well kuown, that their ctoods are paeked for the convenience of consumers in caus of various sizes, butare never sold in bulk, by the barrel or loose by the weight or msasure. The caus are securely sealed with the company's trade mark label, and the weight of each package stamped on the cover. Any baking powder being peddled out by weight uuder the name of Royal they denounce as bogus and to be avoided, Consumers should bear these facts in mind if they do not wish to have imposed upon them the poisonous alum stuft' that is being profuselv distnbuted throughout the country under the name of baking powder. If ho wever, they buy the Boyal in cans with unbroken labels, they are always sure of using a baking powder perfectly pure and wholesome, and of the hignest test, strength and efficiency.


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