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Commencement Week

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OIRIDIEÜR OIF EXEBCISES SATUKDAY, JUNE 2'ï. 9 a. )i. Examination of Candidatos for Admission. SUNDAY, JUNE 24. Bp. M. Disociarse to the Graduating Classes by President Angell in University Hall. MONDAY, JUNK 25. 9 a. 3i. Examination pf Candidatos for Admission. CLASS DAY, DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND S URGERY. 10 a. m. In University Hall. Poem by Geokge H. Conklin. Class History by Ciiristine K. ANDERSON, B. S. Oration by Will L. Gríffin, B. S. Prophecy byHoBACB Whaux. Address by the Class President, Henry IIulst, A. M. CLASS DAY. DEPARTMENT OF LAW. 2 p. M. In University Hall. Address by the Class President, William Simpsos Frost. Poem by Charles Alltxg. A. B. Oration by Mahion DkYries, Pii. B. Class History by Perlet Frangís Gosbey, A.M. Class Prophecy by Almeda Eliza Hitchcock. Consolation by Lodoivk k Fitch CrOFOOT. TIESDAY, JUNE 26. 10 a. ai. Animal Meeting of the Board of Regenta. CLASS DAY, DEPARTMENT OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND THE ARTS. 10 a.m. In University Hall. Oration by Mobttz Rosenthal. Class History by James Nathan McBbide. 2 p m. Under the Tappan Oak. Poern by Elsie Jones. Class Prophecy by La lra Oliver Tüpper. Address by the Class President, John ITavakd Pöwell. 8:30 r. m. Class Reception in the Pavilion. CLASS DAY, DEPARTMENT OF DENTAL SURGERY. 9:30 a. m. At Dental College. Address hy President TnosrAS S. Maxwell. Poem by William Ö. Raxdall. Class History by Frank H. Essig . Oration by Egbekt T. Loefflek. 'Prophecy by Miss Harhiette Parees Brierley. WEDNESÖAY, JUNE 27. ALUMNI DAY, DEPARTMENT OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND THE ARTS. Special Reunions of Classes. 9 a. m. Meeting of Alumni of Students' Christian Association in the Association Room. 9 a. M. Business Meeting of the Alumni of the Department of Literature, Science and the Arts, in the Chapel. 4 p. M. In University Hall. Oration by Floyd B. Wilson, A. M., of New York. of the Class of 1871. Subject, "A Neglected Science."' DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. 2 P. M. Business Meeting of the Alumni of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, in the Lovser Lecture Room of the Medical College. Address by Elijah II. Pilcher, M. D., of Brooklyn, New York. DEPARTMENT OF PIIARMACY. 10-30 a 3i. In Room 20, Chemical Laboratory. Business Meeting of the Alumni of the School of Pharmacy. 12:30 P. M. Dinner of the Alumni, followed by an Address by FredertCK Stearns, of Detroit, at 8 p. m. CLASS DAY, IIOMOEOPATIIIC MEDICAL, COLLEUE. 2 P M Under the Tappan Oak. Oration by Joux H. LawbencÉ. Poemby Hutoka Lucy Pobtbr. Class History by Miss Lizzik A. Hendebshott. Proplieey bv Miss Mary E. Thompson. Address by Class President, Eugexe "W. BugGLES. DEPARTMENT OF DENTAL SURGERY. 10-30 a. m. At the Dental College. Meeting of the Alumni. Addresses by members of the Association. 7-30 p 3i In University Hall. ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT COÑCEBT éiven by the Amphion and University Glee Clubs and Oa kesiba. Pakt I. "A Su.mjier Idyl," a Cantata tor Soprano, Contralto and Tenor Solos, Chorus and Orchestra. Libretto by Miss Elsie Jones, of the Graduating Class; Music by Mu. R. G. Colé of the Graduating Class. Part II. Incidental Music for Orchestra fromOBPHEUS byGlück; Gypsy Chobus, by Lassen, with costume and action; Scene from Webeb's Opera Sylvaxa. 9p m In the Chapel. Univebsity Senate Keceftion for Gf aduates, fonner Students, anl Friends of the University. THUKSDAY, JUNE 28. THE FORTY-FOUBTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT. (j a. m. The Procession will form in front of the Law Building, 10 a a In university Hall. Commencement Exercises. Ora' tion by Thomas C. Chambeblin, LL. D., President ot the university of Wisconsin. Conferring of Degrees. Vt the close of the Exercises in University Hall, the procession will form a-ain under the direcïion of Harbisos Soule, Chief Marshal, and will proceed to the Commencement Dinner; wluch will be servecl in theLaw Lecture Room. Tickets admitting to the Dmner, pnce fafty cents each, must be procured at the Steward's Office.


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