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IVEW LIVERYSTARLK. n OldMoniterbarn.) Uorner Huron and Secontl Sts. FIRST CLASS New Rigs, Good Horses iïk! rü-iüht Harness. Best aeoomniodations for Feeding ir Boarding by weck. Barn Thoroug 1) ly renovated. vv. S. SOUTHARD, Prop. MEAT MARKETS. iT P. VOGEL, DEALER IN Fresh, Salt aud Smoked Meats, And game in season. 18B.HTJEO1TSTEBET. , A A. MEUTH, 24 DETROIT STREET. NEW YOKK ÖIEAT MARItET, Carries a full line of choice fresh, salt, smokert meats, sauf age and lard. Au eignteen 5'ears experience in New York City enableS me to put u]) meats in regular New York style. Telephone eonneetions. i W. VOGEL, No. 9 Anx Street. CHOICEST CUTS OF STEAKS. AH kinds o MEATS AND SAL'SAGES. Fresh lard alv.-ays in stock. Poultry in senson. MiSCELLANEOUS. DOBERTS ORR. AOENT-FOli TOLEDO BÜRCH PLOWS, VÍCTOR SCHOqLoFURNITL-RE;KE Manufacturer oí Electric Enamel Furniture Polish and varnish restorer, silver and zinc polislies, etc. 4S Detroit Street. r W. AMSDEN, - DEAI.EK IN- FLOUR,FEED, COAL, AND ALL KINDS OF HARD AND SOFT WOOD, BALED HAY AND STRAW. AlsoLinseedOil Meal an excellent feed for stock. No. iS3 East Huron Street, uext to Firrmen's Hall. MILLINERY & DRESSMAKING. RS. A. OTTO, MILLINEE.. 1!) Fourth Street. Full and complete line of ladies and childrens hats. caps and bonnets in all the suimner blocks at the lowest prices. All the new shades in flowers and ribbons for trimming. Cali and inspoot tny goods beiore purchasing. ilTES. F. L. UNDERWOOD Dress, Cloak and Mantle Maker, 81 Nortb Main Street. Special attentiongrivento wedding trousseau and travellng costumes. Good flts guarauted in every iustance. Good refereuces gtven if degired. M'JSIC DEALERS. M USICAL MERCHANDISE, 'ML 25 Soutb Fourth Street. PiyiNOsJ Oraks akd Tee New Rotíry Shuttle "STANDARD SEWING MACHINE." Largest stook, lowest pnces . Easiest terms. ALYIN WILSEY, PAINTERS WM. HERZ, no. 4 west washington' street. HoüseJ SignJ Opamektalkd Fresco Painter, g-ildiiig'. ealcimining, glazlng and paper hangfn. Allworkis üoue in the best style aud warranted to give satisfaotion. PHYSICIANS. i HOWELL. M. D., PHVSICIAN AND SURGEON, HOOM 4, MASONIC BLO0KTeleplione. Dr. Nieliols' offlce, Teleplione, No. 10U, at the House. Calis Answered Day or Night. rjR. L. U. WHITE Clahïvoyant Physiciak, Has removed to 204 Trumbull Avenue. Detroi Especial attention to the treatment of chroni diseases. ■■"■ '" ____ JR. JAMES C.WOOD, Office Cor. Hurón and Main. Eesidencetí South División st. Office hour Ürom2 to 4 and 7 to 8 p. m. Telephone No. 11 JIR. H R. ARNDT, Office over First National Bank. Hours: 10:ü0 to 2-;S0 to 3:30. Can be reached at res dence, West Hurón St., at the "Prof. Nicho place" bv telephone No. 9T, and wül t calis in the evening. RESTAURANTS. rpONY SCHIAPPACASSE, DEALER IN FRUITS, NüTS, CONFECTIONS, TOBACCO AD CIGARS, Fresh oonaignmentfi of fruits received daily. Cali and see uiy new erop of oranges, leuious, and bananas. "No. 5 Main Street. A NTONBRAHM, BEASTAÜEANT & C0NFE0TIONEKY, Depot street, opposite M. C. freight house. Warm meals and lunches at allhours. Soft drinks, i'ull line of tobáceo, ciyars, etc. T JAGOB KOCH'S LITTL.E GEASD KESÏAUItANT AND ICE CREAM PAKLORS, Meals to order and lunches at all hours for from fivato twenty-flve cents. Confections, tobáceo mul oigrars. IVenty-iour Baat w ashlngton Street. TlTltS. VïM. CASPAHY, COR. ANN AND FOCRTH STREETS. Bakery, Restaurant & Gonfectionary Store. Icecreauiand soda water, fresh bread, cake-, and eanned goods. A good meal for 25 cents. Lunches at all hours. Sjtn arbor IAIJi [fill]ITiLWIU' All kinds of Berry riants. Fruit and Ornamental trees irom Ellwanger Barry, Rochester, N.Y. ï& Orders must be sent at once. _L! Wiíjes aidSi)rUps Sweet and sour home-made wine for invalids. Bonesett Shrub, Raspberry Wine and Svrup. Dried Pears. Plymouth Rock Lggs. EM1L BAUR, West Huro n Street.


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