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The Price Of Wool

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We hope our farmeis will not be in a hurry to sell their wool. Just novv a presidental election is pending and every republicn dealer and inanufacturer, is trying to crowd down the price of wool to influente democratie farmers to vote for protection. The whole business is a political scheme. They all know that thesenate will never pass the Mills bill. The demócrata do not expect to get it by the senate. But they are trying to get a start, and show the farmers of the country that thev mean to revise the tariff i f possible. If the bill could pass both houses, the price of wool would go up at once. If it is low this spring, it is because of republican scheming. Hold on to your wool. ThetarifFis the same as it has een for five years. It can't be changed this year. Manufacturéis must have wool as ïeretofore. It is no cheaper abroad than in the past. VVool will bring 30 cents per pound in less than three months. It congress takes oiF the tanff it will bring 35 cents, fpr our manufacturers can buy no wool of our grade, 11 any market, and if cheap carpet wools, and dear combing wools can be secured cheaper, by our manufacturers, then they can pay better prices for home wools. Bilt there's to be no change in tariff this yeai', The wool btiyers knovv it and the politicians know it. All talk about people abroad expecting to ship wool into this country and buving it on speculation abroad, becauíe ot" the piipect of the passage of the Mills bill is baldderdash. There isn't a man living, who believes the senate vvould let the democrats pass the bill. There isn't a man who knows enough to buy wool,ut knows there will be no change in the tariff. Farmers, hold on to your -wool. The last sales in London, of the Australian clip, show an advance ot a cent a pound. The manufacturers are short oí stock and short of manufactured goods. Wool must be had, and they can't get American grade of wool, in any country in the world for less than 33 cents per pound. The low price does not come from tariñ agitation. That is an absurdity on its face Democrats would like to get the bill passed in the senate, but know they can't. So does everyone else know it. Then why utter such silly nonsense as, to assert that tariff agitation lowers the price this year? It is a scheme of the republican capitalists. Farmers can knock it in the head. Put the wool into the granëry, and hold it for 20 cents a pound and not a penny less.


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