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F. D. Cummings returned from Pontiac Tuesday. C. E. .Leus, oí Detroit, was here Tuesday on business. L. L. Sparks and wif'e, of Jackson, spent tbe fourth here with friends. Haying progresses rapidly dow. The quality will be good butthe erop light. Clare Durand and wife, of Ann Arbor, spent the fourth here with relativas. They had an ice cream festival and dance in Thomas Fletcher's new barn in Lima the evemng of the third. Unless we get rain soon potatoes will be a light erop again about here. Barley and wbeat will be ready to cut in this locality next week. There was a large crowd of people at Cavanaugh Lake the fourth. Various sports ere engaged in and a good picnic occasion was had. The dogs of this village are notiGed by posters that they must have their muzzles on this month and next or be Hable to le dispatched to the happy hunting ground. ery few of thera take Leed yet. Eight hundred loads of' wbeat were delivered at this elevator between Jan lst. and July 4th. this year, against about 2,306 in the same time in 1886 and 1887. Our flouring mili has used enough more than usual to make this year"s deüveries about lialf that o f foriuerfyear. The coming erop will be about two-tliirds of an average erop. The fourth passed very quietlyhere except from "bout teu untill three o'clock t!.e nigbt of the third some young boys made night bideous and sleep iinpossible with yelling, shooting, burning bonfires and ringing flre bells aud such like spons. One plate glass was broken and some otlier dnmage done. The boys say they bad permission from some ot the authorties to go on with such disgraceful conduct. Wool moves very slowly vet. About two car loads have been bought ïiere at 20 to 25 cents but the tendeucy of the market would indícate that these are unprofltable ligures to buyers. The farmers ire holding forj betler prices andtime only will teil whetherthey will get them or not. They are not likely to get better prices sooner than fall if they do before winter. Not near the usual amount of woo! will be bought a this place.


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