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Ti ail that foúr-fifths of Ishpeming's tnxt-s ai-e pnitl by labormg people. The man cf riches nsually Onda a way of (-s':ape. Rev. llitctaell, of Cadillac, has introduced an innovation by ho'din-; Saturd ly services for ehildren o'ily. Th plan is working adrniiT bly. F. H. Hieks. 3f loma, bis plañí for a new hotel at that place for tas inspection oL some fellow who may want the job oL building it at a low figure. A couple of Corunua loys engaged ia a game ol! burglar, when o;ie cf thera took too good nim, inflioting a wound in the other's neck whieh may prove fatal. Thomas Hyland, of Grand Rapids, goes to j Jaokson i r i son lor a term of five years for sttaling 1 cent. The bank cashier w'uo gets away vi;h a lew hundred thousand, spends a aeason in Canada, and finally compromises the "transacción" by retuming one-third or one-ha!f the boodle. Circumstancs do alter cases. It has cost St. Clair county S3,000 to try Robert llurray for murder, and another trial is uecessary to legally decide the case. Crimináis are an expensive class. Missaukee county's oíd jail at Lake City was burned 8vmday evening, but the court house adjoining was saved by hard work. Oscoda has a $5,000 damage suit on her hands, all bec-ause she harbored dangeroua sidenalks. A citizen having "put his foot into one of 'em. A monument is to be ereeted at Norway to commemorate ber great íire. It wül be made of thirteen safes that passed through that blaze but were rendered use!ess for the purpose originally intended. Canneci niackerel that had been exposed to the open air for forty-eight hours poisoned the faraily of D. V. Spencer, of Gowen, 'though all reoovered except a ittle child. A Grand Rapidsite is building a fiddle f rom material that was used in the construction of a house in Iiö4. Ir there's any virtue in age he ought to have a good one. Ed King, a Grand Rapidsite who is supposed to have "killed his man" at East Baginaw some twenty-four years ago and then skipped, turns out to be a wealtby resideni of the City of Mexico. Of course he is "respected."


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