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OF 5 PEE CENT., 10 PEE CENT., 15 PEE CENT., OR 20 PEE CENT. ON ALL SUITS ANDPANTS IN OÜE STORE, DURING THE MOKTH OF JULY. AND THIS IS WE DO IT. Taking a number of slips of paper equal to the number of Suits and Pants that we have in stock (both mens and boys) and dividing these slips into four equal lots, we have marked the slips 5 per cent, 10 per cent.,. 15 per cent., 20 per cent. respectively. Enclosing each slip in an envelope we have taken them hit or miss and placed an envelope in the pocket of each suit and pants. So that on every suit and pants both boy's and men's, that we sell during July we will give the reduction as indicated by slip in envelope to be found in the pocket of every suit and pants. Our goods are all marked in plain figures and as low as any dealer will sell. Remember that every Suit and Pants in the Store is included in this offer, and you will get a discount of either 5, 10, 15 or 20 per cent. from the lowest price, the goods can be bought for, b' buying of WAGrtEIl & CO., CÍofchiers. Should any customer desire it we will give a discount of 10 per cent instead of referring to envelope.


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