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Democratic County Convention

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At the democratie county convention ïeld in this city yesterday, Hon. C. II. Liiclanaond was tnucle teraporary chairnan and Mr. J. L. Duffy was made ;emporary secretary. On motion Cluiirman Richmond appointed as a commit:ee on permanent organization and orler of business, J. V. Sheehan, C. fl. jregory. A. J. Wainer, M. J. Lehman; is a committee on credentials, C. H. Manley, Lester Yost. J.Manley Young, J. L. Uuiïy, and as a committee on resDlutions, Frank. Joslyu, E. B. Pond and Dr. D. P. McLachlin. The convention then took a recess until half past one. It was a representativa body of men wlio were presi'ut. After the convention reassembled. Thev reported that considerable interest was manifested in tlie town caucuses and that the democrats of the county appeared to be witleuwake and enthusiastic. Af ter the report of the committee on jredeutials was made. the temporary afticers were made the permanent offiters oL the convention. Chairmau Richmond made a ringing democratie speech describing the issues as solely that of taxation. ïlo one wants to be taxed uunecessavily . ïio one wants to be taxed tor more than the support of a government economically conducted. No one wants to be taxed to enrich hia neighbor. That is the issue. The committee on resolutions presented the following resolutions which were adopted by acclamation. JSesohcd, That ttiis convention representing the democracy of Washtenaw couuty approve the platform of principies enunciated bv the recent national democratie convention, and heartily and unreservedly indorse the renomination of that model executive, (rover Cleveland for president, and the iiomination of that noble oíd democratie leader, Allen G. Thurman for vicepresident Btsolved, That the coming democratie state oonventioa by ennthiting the example set both on the presöntaUon of principies and candidatos, will deserve and command victoiy for the democracy of Michigan. Resolved, That the democratie congressional couvention in a spirit of harniony and concession and ignorina; any aggressive claims of individuáis or counties, rnay and should name a caudidate for represen tative in congress who can command the entire slrength of the party and ïedeem the second congressional district. The following delegates were elected to the state convention at large: llon. James S. Gorman, Hon. Chauncey Joslyn, llon. John V. Babbitt, ExGov. Alpheus Felch. Ist District, J. V. Sheehan, Cuas. S. Gregory, Charles S. Manly, E. B. Pond. M. J. Lehman, John Ryan, F. A. Howiett. 2ud District, F. P. Bogardus, D. P. Kogers, M. J. Kelsey, Pbilip Blum, F. J. Swain, Harry Heller, Henry T. Coe. The following delegates were elected to the congressional conveution at large; Hon. John J . Ilobison, Dr. D. 1'. McLachlan, Hon, C. H. Richmond, Arthur Browu. First District, Authony Burke, Jr., J. S. Gorman, Thomas G. Burlingame, J. F. Schub, Wm. Geer, Chas. Dwyer, John Duffy. Second District, Wm. B. Osband, C. Woodrufi, James Lowden, Jacob Kuapp, C. L. ï'ost, F. Joslyn, J. M. Gross. They are talking of having a steanboat on Heasant Lake.


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