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Visitthe Cincinnati Exposition. In your schedule of aummer travel, don't forget to include the Queen City and the Ceutennial Exposition. The event is of especial Bignificance to the inhabitants of the Central States, celebrating as it does the developnient of this great territory, with all its vast industries, agricultural interests and boundless resources. The department into which the Cincinnati Central Exposition is divided considers the whole range of our advanced civilization, goyernment. State and social interests being alike bound cogether in the endless displays which are promised. ïhe railroad rates are reduced to a minimum, living in Ciucinnati is cheap and good, the best markets in the world beinge3tablished here, and the sight and objects of interest in tlns great IVesteru metropolis are A few days tarryiog there will more than repay tenfold the expenses and ïnconyenienees, which are less now than at any time on'.the travel thltherwari. WTien Bmby was sic, we give her Castoiia, When sae was a Child, t;he cried foi Castorja, Wlien she becam'3 Miss, ahe clouj to Castoria, Wben the had Ciüldrea, she gve thom Castoria,


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