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Washington City, July 0. - Three penBion vetoes were received yesterday by the senate from the president, and in one of them the executive severely criticised the methods of congress in passing prívate pension bilis. The conference report on the agricultural appropriation was concurred in, with the excepción of a clause striking out the senate amendment appropriating .$100, 000 for sorghum experiments, and on this a new conference was ordered. A conference was also ordered on the postoffice appropriation Lili, and then the senate adjourued untü Monday. A bilí was introduced in the house for the appointnient of au assistant secretnry of the navy. Tho land grant forfeiture bill was then takon up, and Holman explained that the house substitute forfeited 54,828,990 acres, whiic t!ie fenate bill only forfeited 5,627,43ü acres. The house substitute was adopted, but on the passage of tbe bill the vote was; Yeas, 142; nays, 12 - no quorum, so the house adjourned. Washington City, July 7.- The house yesterday insisted on its disagreement to the senate amendment to the agricultural bill appropriaiiii s 100,000 for sorghum experimenta. Tlie vote on the passage of the land grant bill was then taken by yeas and nays, and the bil! passod - 177 to 8. In committee of tho whole the Mills bill was resumed, and rapid progress made, all amendments offered by the Kepublicans being rejecteil. The duty, however, was retained on wood screws, as was that on penknives and razors, and a clause was inserted taxing new type 15 per cent. ad valorem. Cannon of Illinois offered an amendment reducing the duty on sugars and inoiasses and providing a bounty to home producers of 3 cents a pound for sugar and i) cents per gallon for molasses. The matter was diseussed for a time, but without action the house took recess to S p. m., at which time twenty private pension bilis were passed, and the house at 10:30 adjourned. Washington City, July 9. - The house passed a bill Saturday for the sale of the site of Fort Omaha, Neb., and the purchase of a new site and the construction of buildings thereon. A joint resolution was adopted nominatiug L. A. Harris, of Ohio; John A Martin, oL Kansas, and J. F. Hantranft, of Pensylvania, to fill vacaucies on the board of managers of homes for disabled soldiers. Debate was then resumed on Cannon's amendment to the Mills bill, taking the duty off sugar and providing bounties for its production. Kelloy, Kenna of California, Peters and Anderson of Kansas, and others, opposed the amendmeut, and Cannon, Bayne, and others, advocated it. Pending a vote the house adjourned. The debate occupied nearly the whole day. City, July 10. - Stewart o Nevada made an attack in the senate yester day on tbe president's frequent use of th veto power in the matter of pension billa. H said the president was not justified in s many vetoes. Vest declared it the president' duty to pay as much attention to small pen sion bilis as to the most important appropria tion bilí so far as scrutiny was concerned The bill to amend the inter-state commerce law was then taken np. An amendment was adopted giving United States circuit and dis trict courts power to issue peremptory writs of mandamus in cases of violation of the law and after considerable debate tho bill was passed. The house bilí atitliorizing a bridge across the Missouri just below Kansas City was passed, an executive session was held and the sonate adjourned. ín the house a resolution was introduced calling for all the testimony taken by the manufactures committee on the matter of trusts; also a resolution providíng l'or a special committee to inquire whether the law probibiting the importation of contract labor has been evtsded ; alst. a rosolution making the 1 ional bill special order for July 17. All were referred. A bill was in troduced to iucrease che pensions of Mexican war veterans to $j2 per month. The Mills bill was then resnmed, and Cannon's amendment rt'latiug to sugar and molasses was rejected - 108 to 3?. Several amendmens offered ilicans were rejected, and oue ills making the duty on molasses not - Yi cents per gallon adopted. This the paragraph, and the tobacco ■■■'■ "1 over. A motiou to strike out the starch provisión was pending at 5 p. rn., i hen the house adjourued. Washinqton City, July 11.- Sherman ofïererl a resoiution in the senate yesterday dirt etiiig the fiuance committee to investígate trusts and report measures to control, restrain or prouibit the sarae. The resolution was adopted. Vest introduced a bilí to prevent the evasion by debt collecting agencies of the law pruhibiting the use of the "bad debt" envelope. Evarts offered an amendment to the sundry civil bilí apprcpriatiug 0 í'or the completion of the monument at Washingtou's headquarters, at Newburg, N. Y. Hoar then got the floor and spoke four cours against the fisheries treaty, declaring it inimical to the ülterests of the United States. The conference report on the District appropriation bül was then agreed to, and the senate adjourned. The house spent tbc ilay on the Mills bill in committee of the whole. The amendment restoring the duty 011 starch was rejected. The duty on rice flour and rice meal was fixed at 1") per cent. ad valoren!. A number of changes were proposed, but rejected, and then the bill was amended by fixing the duty on flux, hnckled, at AIO per ton. A motion to increase (rom 25 to 40 per cent. ad valorem the duty on flax and Unen thread, etc., was pending when the committee rose, and recess was taken to 8 p. m., at which time right-ofway to various raihvays was granted throuyli a number of Indian reservations.


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