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mr OC 3ï :J U. ÍS i co o co UJ co o as SE SE rty mffic rOIT t CO'S OVE.f OAT RfOGT P VTNT l'aint Friday, run it toChiirch Simday. Eiphl Fasliion.-iblc Slmdcs: Elack, K.:rou;i. Vcrmlion Dluc, Ycilow, Oüve Lake, Uiwsit-r and Wagon Oreens, No Varnfehi ig necêssnry. Drfca Saril wilh a "sbinc." Ünc Coat a;id job is done. YOUR BUCGY Tip top for Chairs, Lawn Srats, Sash. FIowct Pots, D.iby Carri.tgcs, Curtaln l'ülcs, Fomlture, l-ront Doors, Store-fronts, S.rccri Doors, Boats, Man les, Iron tCQCCS i:t i.ict eveiythlnf. Jtist Üie tiii.-ig for tlie ladics to use aOo'ut the house FOR ONE DOLLAR GOiT'S HONEST Are you goin to Paint yearf If so don't my a pa&it containing water or benzmc whcn orttie same nioney (otnearly so) you can procure bean IIOMST, (KM INK LI.'.SKKD-OIL FAIM in free frcm water and benzine. Droiaod tfais irnd in-1 f ike no ollirr. Wcrchants handlíng t are our apents and aul fioríztxl by us. Ín writing, 0 wmrrsnl tl lo war YUAII8 wlth 8 IOATS or 1 YKAItS wllb 2 (OATS. Oirr Sli.idcs are the -atest Styles uscd in the Kast now bccominj so popular in the West, and up with the times Try tliis brand of KOMiST PAlIfT and you wiil never regrct it. This to t!ie wie is súfBcient HOUSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINT S, 'aïnt that neCT dried beyond the sticky point waste ïi weck, spoil the job. and tlicn swearl Next time ,, ,i for OOIT A VU'S FIX'iiK PAIR1 popular ar.d sutt.ibi shntltb, wnrrnntf I to dry ril .■„ rock ocr nilil. No trouííle Uh "'INT DRY STICKY bu d el. "SO i í3 fe !a II i a! C C 0 III I" Si 3 ill = s ' i ti, SBÉ' Es? ■así


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