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as CZX LU CO 'JU Sa. JJ LE Has e & o CO UJ o D' X 3s E nT min COIT A CO'S 03E.C0AT DÜGCT r VTVF Paint Friday, mn it toChurch Simday. Eieh Kislüonabis Sha.les: I.lack, M.,roon. VermtT-o. Dlue, Veile w. Olive Lake, Brewstcr ei I Creens. No Vantfïhing neCessary. Dries lian wilb a "fchinc." (Jas Co.u a;ul Job is done. YOÜR BUGCY Tip top for Chaire, Lawn Seats, Saah, FWe rots. üiiiy Carriagcs, Curtain Poles, l'umiture IrOnt Doors, Storc-fronts, Screen Doors, Eoals, Man les. Iron Fences, i:i i.'-ct tyvrytMse. Just the for the latítes to usí abüut tlic house FOR ONE DOLLAR COIT'S HONEST Are you pomg to Paint tliis yïarl If so. don't uy a paint cuiuaimng water or benzme when ortlie saine money(.jriieArJys.i) youcan procure MT4W8 PtHk PAINT tl,t U .■rr.iS ÍÓ bean HOSKST, H!MIK UX8ELD-OIL PilT and free from wjior and benzine. Demiirf tfali bnnd a.d ul. ,. ollii-r. Mcrchants handline t are ur apents and aulhorircd by us (n writine t. r ó ïllliS wilk i IOATS ir ! YKtRS -lil, t CO1TS. Oar Shjdes ate the Latest Styiei used In the East now beconiinf popuLir n the West. and up with the times Try tliis brand of IIDXtST PilST and you will ever reret it. Thil to the wUe is wiffident HOUSE PAINT COIT'S FLOOR PAINTëS 'alnt that never dried bevond the sticky poinr aste a week, spoil the jwb, and then swear! ext tims cjH for OUT A CÍTS KLOOK PAITT popular and suitablc shacv, wtrniUd U Arj rk er hlfhu No troublc No ■HdWQNT DRY STICKY Q ? Sa 1 í Sa 4 f3 ! I Ifj Eis al 1 =3


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