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Company A At Mackinac

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Cornpany A returned Tuesday night from their weeks encampinent on Mackinac Island. The encampmeut was a very successful one though not exeeedingly eventful. It was an exemplary camp and the officers were 6trict. The boys tried to have sorne fun but it was Mard work. The camp was situaterï on the south west elevation of the island, near l'lank's grand hotel and between that and the fort overlooking the straits. Two companies of regulars were on the island and their üne rilling inspired the militia with a desire to emulate them and they did exceedingly well. Gapt. Sjd Millard handled the company in a soldierly manner and received considerable praise for the appearance of his men . In f act they were as soldier! y á body of men as could be found in the two regiments present. ■ There was not the usual arnount of siekness. Splendid spring water weiled up near the mess tent3 and very few had to becared for in the hospitals. Charley, the bootblack, was packed up in the baggage here and smuggled over the road into camp and made plenty of fun for the boys. His "Kip up, np up the llim flam," carne to be a byword of the camp. The Lansing boys got hold of him and diverted themselves with tossing him uo in a blanket. The blanket slipping out of their hands he carne down to the eartn with considerable forcé which greatly disturbed his equanimity. Said he- liDidn"t care nuffln' bout de boys thowin' me up in de blanket, l'se been thar before, but I didn't like urn lettin me come down "fliin" on a stone. Looked as tho" they was tryin' to kilj this coon. 'f' I'd had that big knife that George Cox has got in the mess tent, I'd a cut Lausin' all up. The patrol got after Bucholz and Gwinner down in the village one evening and after a run succeeded in capturing Bucholz and made a feint of putting hini in the guard house. Gwinner succeded in reaching camp and thinking Bucholz in the guard house insisted on ging there too because they were partners. Bucholz was on guard duty much of the time and said he would like to know who told the colonel he was such good soldier that he was kept on guard so much. It was thought great fun to run the guard. Many broke through so as to come in near the offlcers tents and the i Col. attempted to catch some of these personally. This forced them to xun through a marsh and many were the joke3 about frog hunting in the marsh. A party in front of Lien. Merrithew's tent had their attention called to one of these chases by the lientenant's exclarning. "See those fellows on the doublé quick, guiding right by the moon, with the colonel af ter them." Glassknopf tent made life jolly by their Sagwa war dance with music from the Kazoo band. During the flrst two days the boys had some trouble in getting supplies but afterward Quartermaster Armstrong secured good eatables and plenty of them. Sunday was spent by most of the company, when off drill, in viewing the sights on the island, in astate hunting , and in cane cutting. Enough rock was brought from the island to Anu Arbor to build a fair sized foundation. Among the visitors in camp were Mrs. Sid Millard, Mrs. George Dengler Mrs. WÍ11 Armstrong, Dr. Frank Vanda warker and E. J. Morton. The colonel complimented the firsi regiment on the order and quiet o: their camp and company A did ita par to eam the encomium. The following offlceis and privates of cornpany A were in camp. Captain Sidney V. Millard; Lieutenants, Chas. King, H. D. Merithew, Chas. O. Brush; Sargeants, George Dengler, Chas. Roehm John C. Fisher, W. Tate, 3. Henne W. F. Artnstroug, L. Hoelzle; Corpor als, S. Granger, P. Tessmer, Frank Campion, Herman Kim, A. E. Gibhardt, Frank Feiner; Privates, Walte Allen, Frank Bigolka, Chas. Bailey, L Bucholz, Hanison Colé, Fred Colé. D Coolidge, Albert Glatzel, Adolph Glat zei, Jacob Gwinner, John Haebich, A Hoag, E. Ilills, J. Kinne, W. Kennedy John Lutz, ilerbert Manly, Austin McGuire, Louis JNolI, üttmer Xoll George Parker, Robait Rss, Georg Sweet, Albert StClair, John StClair Will R. Trowbridge, Richard Taylor Jacob Thuerer, John Weitbrecht, II VValters, Lester Walker, Chnstian Weinrnann, Joseph Sedina.


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