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The Chelsea creamery has been enlarged. " ' Barnum took in the money of 65 Clinton people. The Willis creamery is using a ton and a half a day. The Manchester lire department is tal kin g of a picnic. M. J. Lehman, Esq., has built two new houses in Chelsea. Chelsea feels proud of its new hook and ladder truck. South Lyon people have to pay their village taxes novv. Cavanaugh lake has fifteen cottages and two log cabins. Dr. J. G. Lynds has located in Chelsea to practice medicine. Earl, the infant son of Fred Canfield, of Sylvan, died July 1 1. Some 45,000 pounds of wool were bought at South Lyon this season. J. M. Chidester has leased the Ypsilanti Sanitarium tor three years. The new preceptress of the Saline sch&ols is Miss Taylor, of Ann Arbor. The Ypsilantian says that Barnum had 380 horses in Ypsilanti last week. Manchester has embarked in the good work of having its sidewalks repaired. The ladies aid society in Pittsfield, meet at Robert Harrisons, Tuesday August 8. A brick addition has replaced the burned portion of the woolen milis a ypsilanti, Jacob Staebler, a vveli known Pittsield farmer lost a horse recently from sunstroke. The Ypsilantian has as handsomely fitted up rooms as any county paper in the state. Mr. Rentchler, of Lodi, had a nose broken recently by falling from a cherry tree. The Manchester saloons are allowed by ordinance to keep open until eleven o'clock standard time. South Lyon 44, Salem 13 is the report which reaches us CQncerning a base ball score in Salem recently. Martin Armstrong and Mrs. Mary L. Hawkins, both of Lyndon, were married on Thursday of last week by Justice E. C May. Saline boys are making day hideous vvith a drum corps. Thats whal the nervous people say, but at ali events the boys are having lots 01 filil. Cherry tree falls are now making items tor the reporters. George Lunn, of South Lyon, sprained an arm by going too far out on a cherry litnb. Mrs. A. M. Cheevej died in Ypsilanti,July 17, aged ninety years. She was the vvidow of Rev. E. Cheever, and a woman of vigorous mind. The fifteen months oíd child oí F. M. Deane, formerly of Manchester now of Coleman, was struck by a passenger train July 16 and fatally injured. Harvey Blackman, for many years a resident of Sharon, died at his home in Battle Creek, July 17, of dropsy of the heart. He was 68 years oldMrs. Gottlieb Miller died in Bridgewater, July 13, aged 31 years. The funeral was held in the Manchester Lutheran church the follovving Sunday. James Mitchell died in Lima on Wednesday of lnst week of consumption. He was fifty years of age. The funeral services were held on Friday. Burt E. Cook, a Gladstone clothing merchant and Miss Nellie A. Platt, were married in Pittsfield on Wednesday of last week by Rev. Wm. A. McCorkle. A. J. Warren, of Saline, has sold ten harvesters this summer. it is by such hustling as this that he seeks to read his title clear to the office of county register of deeds. Clarence Case is the new cashier of the Manchester bank and a good one ha makes. Willis L. Watkins, the retiring cashier, is recuperating his health by farming and he really pretends to enjoy it. T. C. Owên offered to put in water-works in the first, second and third wards of Ypsilanti if he was given the exclusive right to put down mains in those wards for 30 years and each ward would take five hydrants at $50 each per annum. As the Ypsilanti council did not take immediate action upon it, he withdrew the offer. Nevvman Granger died in Manchester, July 17, of heart trouble complicated with kidney disease, He was 73 years old. He was one of the pioneers of the county coming here fifty years ago with his father, who was a brewer and together they established a brewery in Manchester. For some years he was supervisor of the township. He was never married. The Sunday school convention of Saline township meets at union school hall in Saline next Sunday. The session will commence at 10 a. m., 2 :3o p. m., and 7:30 p. m. During the morning session papers will be re:ul by Rev. Frank E. Arnokl, s A. Townsencl, and D. A. Crittenden. At the afternoon session Rev. J. Huntington, of Milán, will address the children and papers will be vead bv E. L. Glover, 5. Y. Brown antl R. W. Putnam. ín the evenin the addressc-s will be by F. E. jones, Mrs. John A. Avcry and F. E. Arnold,